The Next Big DDOS Attack May Come via BitTorrent

You may think you’re downloading a movie or a TV show via BitTorrent — but you’re really taking part in a massive distributed denial of service attack against a major corporation. Sounds like Sci-Fi? Well, it’s possible today, thanks to a security vulnerability in BitTorrent’s protocol.

Carry OneNote Workbooks on the iPhone — MobileNoter

Heavy users of Microsoft’s OneNote have been left out in the cold unless they also use a Windows Mobile phone. That’s no longer the case due to MobileNoter, an iPhone app that syncs OneNote notebooks on a PC with the iPhone for reference on the run.

Why Cloud Computing Needs Security

Startups, unable to bear the brunt of online criminal activity, could start looking to cloud computing — the providers of which have the capacity and infrastructure to survive an attack — for salvation. The clouds, however, are going to have to step up their game.