Data privacy

The hot, confusing mess that is digital privacy

The last day’s NSA headlines have been about how it broke the law and even violated the Constitution. But that’s just a small part of an opinion that raises more questions than answers, and that underscores the complex nature of data privacy.

In a cloud computing economy, the NSA is bad for business

A lot of Americans might say they support NSA surveillance of their online activities, but many other people — including folks overseas — aren’t so thrilled. Can these laws withstand pressure from a tech lobby concerned about lost profits from fleeing users?

Five ways startups can pivot on privacy

Privacy was often an afterthought for small companies, but that’s changing in the era of big data. As TRUSTe’s CEO, Chris Babel has seen the impact privacy can have on a startup — for better or worse. Here, he offers tips on how to avoid the pitfalls.

Davos does data

Big data has gotten very, very big if the elite talking heads at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, are talking about it. And they are talking about it. Sessions include “Decoding the data deluge” and “Personal data: the ‘new oil’ of the 21st century.”


Carrier IQ and the continued erosion of operator trust

The Carrier IQ scandal is still unfolding, and all parties involved are trying to spin their side of the story pretty heavily. Meanwhile, the software, which monitors users’ keystrokes and text messages and can see passwords and other vulnerable information, is said to be on more than 141 million devices. So it’s worth looking at the various players to understand who is hurt and who is helped by the kerfuffle around surreptitious smartphone data collection. This brief research note tackles the question of what the Carrier IQ case means for consumers, device makers and, perhaps most important, the operators. Companies mentioned include AT&T, Research in Motion and Sprint. For a full list of companies, and to read the full research note, sign up for a free trial.

Cloud computing requires new thinking on privacy

The move to the cloud requires a lot of discussion on the boundaries and expectations for data privacy in a cloud environment. The government’s approach to data privacy, in particular, is of great concern, from the legislation it enacts to the way law enforcement uses it.

Is Your Online Presence Property or a Person?

Online data privacy has been in the spotlight for a variety of reasons over the past year, but before Congress, regulators or courts can give any legal clarity to the issue, they need to answer some fundamental questions about area of law even applies.

Dec. 14: What We’re Reading About the Cloud

There was lots of cloud news today, but the biggest has to be the Sixth Circuit’s holding protecting email under the Fourth Amendment. Data privacy is one the biggest issues facing cloud computing, and this is a good first step — although it’s just that.