Data management


5 strategies for greening your data center

Experiments at many leading large-scale data centers hold lessons for smaller ones that may not have the dedicated engineering and facilities staffs to fine-tune their data center’s efficiency.


Scaling the traditional database: the NewSQL Opportunity

The data community sometimes appears obsessed with overthrowing decades of practice, casting relational database solutions aside in favor of newer NoSQL offerings such as Neo4J, Hbase and CouchDB. NoSQL tools are undeniably powerful, and they are being used to great effect in deriving insight from massive streams of data.

Disaster recovery is ripe for cloud disruption

When Amazon Web Services launched AWS Storage Gateway last month, the move seemed logical, almost expected. Carlos Escapa, CEO of VirtualSharp Software, argues that the real challenge lies not in restoring data, but in recovering services when disaster strikes.

How the law dictates data gravity in the cloud

For the most part, cloud-related laws on the books or in the works right now are almost entirely about data, and data has “gravity.” The more important it is, the more likely services and applications are going to move to the data, rather than vice versa.


Where Not to Make Money: Energy Management Software

If you pay attention to the energy sector, then you’ve witnessed the recent parade of home energy management software launched by startups, huge IT firms and veteran electrical meter companies. With firms like Microsoft, Google and, most recently, GE entering the home energy management software space, you’d think there was a ton of money to be made by selling this stuff. Not so much: the barrier to building this software is low and giants are already offering the basic tools for free; the window for building a business on, or making substantial money from, these products is quickly shutting.