Data analysis

Analytics startups sweep the field in IBM contest

Nine out of the nine finalists for IBM’s Global Entrepreneur of the Year title are analytics startups. That’s either an anomaly or proof that analytics is hot. The winners will converge on San Francisco next week to meet with IBM and venture capital firms.

BillGuard pulls in $10M to expand its bill anti-virus service

BillGuard, a personal finance service that uses Big Data analysis and crowd sourcing to identify bogus charges, has been racking up accolades since it launched in May. And now it’s pulling in big money: $10 million from Khosla Ventures, Founders Fund and Innovation Endeavors.

How big data can offer a competitive advantage

A new way of thinking about data and data scientists illustrates the broader shift that is slowly under way in the economy, a shift from simply collecting big data toward gathering and using data in order to make businesses better informed.


What IBM Does With Big Data

In a world of billion-dollar web companies and VC-backed startups trying to forever change human interaction via software, IBM tends to look a little staid. But don’t let its deliberate pace, legacy-software-mongering ways and suited executives fool you. If you pull back the covers, you’ll find Big Blue investing resources as only it can to solve its customers’ most-pressing problems, from more targeted advertising and better driving directions to enhanced security and detailed recidivism projections.