Dan Hesse

There are limits to Sprint’s unlimited plan, after all

At an analyst conference, Sprint CEO let slip a change in Sprint’s data policies that could have a big impact on iPhone and other smartphone customers lured in by Sprint’s unlimited plans: the carrier has been throttling back speeds to the heaviest consumers of smartphone data.

Sprint Launches Green Android Phone

Sprint launched the fourth green-themed phone for its customers and its first eco-friendly Android phone. Called the Replenish and made by Samsung, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse showed off the device during an event with the Commonwealth Club on Friday afternoon in downtown San Francisco.

Sprint CEO: Internet of Things & Telco of Tomorrow

In this third part of a three-part interview series, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse talks about the opportunity in machine-to-machine communications, how the wireless carrier will need to evolve as it supports the open Internet model and how the competitive landscape may shift over time.

Sprint CEO: Our 4G Strategy Is WiMAX, Full Stop!

In this second part of a three-part interview series, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse addresses Sprint’s next generation wireless broadband options, the future of Clearwire and what Sprint plans to do with the spectrum that will free up when it eventually shuts down Nextel’s iDen network.

Sprint CEO: The iPad Has Been Good to Us

For Sprint CEO Dan Hesse, it has been a good week. His company reported uptick in new subscribers and revenues even as losses deepened. In this first part of a three-part interview, Hesse shares his thoughts on smartphones, iPads, and importance of a rock-solid network.

Sprint Execs Resign From Clearwire Board

Citing new anti-trust rules, 4G broadband provider Clearwire (NSDQ: CLWR) says that three Sprint (NYSE: S) executives are leaving its board.…

Sprint’s Customer Focus Begins To Payoff

Another interview with Sprint (NYSE: S) CEO Dan Hesse, who stepped in nearly a year ago to turn the ailing carrier around. Hesse