Flash analysis: the Fisker debacle and its implications on investing, innovation, and government incentives

Electric car startup Fisker Automotive, along with its plug-in sports car, is turning out to be one of the worst venture capital bets of all time. We asked GigaOM readers a variety of questions about what they think will happen to Fisker and what they think will be the broader implications of and lessons learned from Fisker’s high-profile crash and burn. Here are the results.

10 Electric 2-Wheelers You Can Buy

While the market for electric vehicles will take years to go mainstream, electric scooters, motorcycles and bikes are being sold at a break-neck pace, in part thanks to China’s booming market. Here’s 10 electric 2-wheelers you can buy.

Daimler to Launch the Twitter of Ride Sharing

What’s a German car company doing getting into social networking and tech-enabled carpooling? Trying to figure out new business models for an era of accelerating urbanization, declining car ownership and expanding access to the mobile web.

Compact Power's Electric Car Power Plays

Compact Power, a Michigan subsidiary of South Korea’s LG Chem, is starting to look like the player to beat in the competition to supply lithium-ion cells and battery packs for electric vehicles, having bagged deals with General Motors, Eaton and Ford.

Daimler, BYD Team Up to Develop Electric Cars in China

BYD, the China-based battery giant turned electric car developer, has just struck a deal with Germany’s Daimler (s DAI) to form a 50-50 joint venture focused on researching and developing an electric vehicle for the Chinese market, and launching it “as soon as possible.”

Germany Kicks Off Plug-in Vehicle Push

A decade from now, electric cars in Germany will number at least 1 million. At lease, that’s the goal established today by some of the country’s largest manufacturers and Chancellor Angela Merkel under a new alliance dubbed the National Platform for Electric Mobility.

Daily Sprout

Electric-Vehicle Makers Struggle, Seek Aid Along With Detroit: Representatives from the EV industry sprang to action in Washington, D.C. last week before executives from Detroit’s Big Three arrived, calling for subsidized loans, expanded tax credits, a national push for development of advanced vehicle batteries, and more government purchases of electric cars.

Writers’ Strike Roundup

If you live in a hermetically-sealed, media-free bubble, then you might not be aware that the Writers Guild of America (WGA) made…

AT&T’s VoIP Game Plan

Andy analyzes AT&T’s VoIP marketing and moves, and explains why they are the only one who can bring VoIP to the masses…

VoIP Growth Hypothesis

Fred Wilson says, “My friend and VOIP pioneer Tom Evslin has been saying for years that VOIP will be ubiquitous by 2010.…