Customer service

Square rivals bank on live customer support to compete

Many of Square bigger rivals are hoping live customer support can help them compete against the startup. Square doesn’t offer a customer service line and handles questions primarily through email, forums, videos and a Twitter feed.

Nuance takes Siri down to the app level with new voice assistant

Nuance is offering up a new SDK that will allow big consumer-facing companies to embed virtual voice assistants directly into their mobile apps. Called Nina, the software is intended to cut through app clutter and allow customers to accomplish complex transactions through simple speech commands

Survey says: Apple customer service a secret weapon

I dropped my iPhone 4 from three stories up. Less than a day later, I walked out of the Apple Store in Philadelphia with a brand new iPhone 4. The journey to get there was very impressive and partially explains, anecdotally, how Apple keeps customers.

T-Mobile cutting workforce by 1900, shuttering call centers

T-Mobile USA is consolidating its customer service call centers, shutting down seven facilities in six states by the end of June but hiring new staff in its remaining 17 call hubs. The reorganization will result in T-Mobile’s workforce shrinking by 1900 staff, or 5 percent.

3 accurate metrics for ROI on social media campaigns

Businesses are struggling with how to evaluate the effectiveness of their social media campaigns. Currently, most companies are using metrics that fail to provide a clear picture of which marketing programs are increasing their revenues. Here, Sudha Jamthe outlines five metrics that accurately measure success.

Founder Craig Newmark Talks 'Turkey'

Craiglist founder Craig Newmark chatted breifly with Into the Box host Rachel Natalie Klein about how to find an apartment in New…