CTIA: The good, the bad and the very, very ugly

I have a confession to make: I like CTIA Wireless. I’ll be the first to admit that the show is dying, but the problem isn’t it’s place on the calendar like most people think. The problem is much simpler: It’s the carriers.

Exclusive: Ruckus completes Nokia Siemens’ HetNet puzzle

At Mobile World Congress, Nokia Siemens Networks laid out an ambitious heterogeneous network strategy, unveiling its Flexi Zone fabric of small cells. NSN, however, was missing one crucial piece Wi-Fi. NSN has now filled that hole through a deal with metro Wi-Fi vendor Ruckus Wireless.

CTIA offers the most confusing wireless stat du jour

The CTIA wants you to know that Americans used 123 percent more wireless data in 2011 than 2010, but the wireless industry’s lobby apparently doesn’t want you to know exactly how that translates in any way a normal person understands. Instead it turned to song.

China set to surpass 1 billion mobile connections

China is closing in on the 1 billion mobile connections mark, according to a new Wireless Intelligence report. China has always been a world power in wireless, but it’s set to become more significant still as its huge population embraces mobile data services.

Apple, Google absent from ESRB’s new mobile app rating system

The Entertainment Software Ratings Board intends to apply its familiar game-rating stamps to mobile apps, providing a way for parents to monitor and restrict the games and content their kids download. Five mobile operators and Microsoft(s msft) have signed on but Apple and Google are missing.

The Morning Lowdown 10-12-11

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Next Up for Netflix: Family Plans

Families could soon be able to add multiple users profiles to their Netflix accounts, according to statements published by the company. Netflix is also thinking about allowing simultaneous streams to multiple devices and shifting its general focus from targeting household towards targeting individual subscribers.

Forbes Gets It Wrong on CTIA Numbers

Forbes’ Econ Matters blog has a cool way of trying to tell the story behind data. But today’s post, which shows information on the wireless industry in the U.S. based on CTIA’s semi-annual survey, paints an incredibly inaccurate picture. I had to set the record straight.

FCC Moves to Free Up TV Airwaves for Internet Use

The FCC moved to begin freeing up TV broadcast spectrum for wireless and fixed Internet use in a decision that could ultimately lead to an auction of 120 MHz of spectrum.The vote could help the U.S. stave off a spectrum crunch as mobile Internet use soars.

The Real Reasons Cell Phone Boosters Are Suddenly Taboo

Devices that boost cellular signals in areas of poor coverage can turn a useless phone into a portable powerhouse, but the CTIA is seeking greater control on the use of such signal boosters, claiming interference issues. Is that the real reason, or are femtocells to blame?

Watch Out RIM, Motorola Is Coming For You

Motorola (NYSE: MOT) has unveiled a barrage of smartphones on the eve of CTIA that will push the Android operating system into the low-end o…

Verizon Wireless To Unveil 4G Launch Plans

Verizon Wireless has announced it will host a press conference on Wednesday at CTIA to detail the company’s 4G launch plans. The event will…

Amdocs Buys MX Telecom For $104 Million

Billing firm Amdocs (NYSE: DOX) has bought up mobile payments and messaging firm MX Telecom for $104 million in cash, the companies announce…

Yahoo Extends iPhone Push To Search

Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) is adding two search apps to its iPhone roster: A new ‘Sketch-a-Search’ app lets users find local businesses close to a c…

Fox-TWC Fight Could Weaken Broadcasters' Hold on Spectrum

Time Warner Cable and News Corp.’s fight over retransmission fees for broadcast channels brings up hard questions on the business model of providing over-the-air television. Honest answers to those questions could lead the way for the FCC to repurpose broadcasters’ spectrum for mobile broadband.