It appears big data can make us better artists, too

Two separate research projects from Carnegie Mellon University and Disney Research have analyzed digital sketches in order to detect patterns in people’s drawings. As an exercise in data collection it’s cool, but do we really need to democratize artistic talent with data?

Icelanders approve their crowdsourced constitution

Iceland’s citizens were given a chance to help forge a new constitution for their country through Facebook and Twitter, so it’s not surprising that they backed the resulting draft. Now it’s over to the politicians.

How to use TaskRabbit for research recruiting

TaskRabbit is one of the most talked about distributed and freelance workforce startups. While most people use taskrabbits for getting groceries or doing minor tasks, some startups are finding that TaskRabbit is good source for finding researchers and staff up consumer panels instantly. founder’s Tasty Labs launches micro-task platform

It is always fun to watch successful founders come back into the startup arena again. Joshua Schachter, who created the social-bookmarking service Delicious, is back with Tasty Labs and today released, a platform for micro-task collaboration. It seems like a good platform for creatives.

Mobile speed tester RootMetrics expands to the UK

Mobile network testing startup RootMetrics has aims on international expansion, and the first country to get its hybrid-crowdsourcing treatment will be the UK. By combining drive tests, indoor measurements and crowdsourced data, Root plans to start comparing UK carrier 3G speeds in four to six weeks.

New from Twitter: crowdsourced analytics

Twitter says its Clockwork Raven web app will make it easier for even non-technical people to post job requests to Amazon Mechanical Turk crowdsourcing job site. The app is now available for download from Github.

Netflix experiments with crowd-sourced captioning

Netflix wants your help – and we are not talking about its troubled stock: The company is looking for volunteers to join its crowdsourced subtitling community. It’s all just an experiment for now, but it could one day become a massively crowdsourced closed captioning operation.

Fundable debuts as a Kickstarter for corporate set

The cult of Kickstarter and the looming promise of the JOBS Act, have presented an opportunity that Fundable wants to fill. The service, which is part of Virtucon Ventures debuted today with five projects and a goal of helping entrepreneurs raise capital for their businesses.

Amazon hiring creative execs for original programming

Add Amazon Studios to the list of online video providers that could soon release some new original programming. The company is looking to hire creative executives to develop and produce original comedies and kids shows for online and traditional distribution.

Why cloud could make crowdsourcing the norm for scientists

In the world of science, cloud computing provides an ideal platform for crowdsourcing scientific problems across the whole world of researchers, giving them access to data sets and the computing resources to analyze them. If big data is any indicator, scientific crowdsourcing should catch on.

Exclusive: CrowdControl launches, brings AI to crowdsourcing

A new startup called CrowdControl is launching today, and it aims to bring order to the world of crowdsourcing by using artificial intelligence to judge workers’ accuracy. Think Amazon Mechanical Turk, only with a quality control mechanism in place to help ensure jobs get done right.

LawPivot Expands Reach to Spread Knowledge as a Service

LawPivot, a Google Ventures-funded legal Q&A startup targeting small companies, is broadening its reach by becoming part of Microsoft’s (s msft) BizSpark program. As LawPivot continues to grow, it could help lead a movement toward true Knowledge as a Service.

Yes, You Can Trust Your Users to Tag Your Videos

Professional cataloguers can be great if you want to index content — for professional cataloguers. But if you want to help average people find videos, then you should embrace user-contributed tags, even if they can contain spelling errors. Don’t worry, it still all makes sense to someone.

Localmind iPhone App Is the Future of Local Crowdsourcing

Asking questions and getting useful answers is the idea behind a new crop of community-assisted recommendation/Q&A apps that have appeared on the web and on mobile platforms. One entrant, Localmind, whose iPhone app is nearing launch, really shows off the promise of this new app category.

How Crowdbeacon Is Mobilizing the iPhone User Community

Earlier, I pointed out an emerging recent trend in apps: community-assisted recommendations. Recently, I got a chance to talk with the CEO behind one of these apps, Crowdbeacon, which provides location-based recommendations and answers to questions sourced by the app’s user community.

Can You Crowdsource Fact-Checking? Truthsquad Says Yes

NewsTrust, a non-profit startup aimed at improving the credibility of media, ran a week-long project called Truthsquad earlier this year that crowdsourced fact-checking of political statements, and founder Fabrice Florin says while the effort was a success, it was also a lot of work.

BitTorrent-Distributed Pioneer One Is Now Number 1

Two weeks after the independently-produced Pioneer One‘s premiere, it’s become the most-seeded show on BitTorrent while also raising over $20,000 from fans for production of the next three episodes. But should the show’s producers seek out a steady source of funding — or stick to crowdsourcing?