Kickstarter gets hacked, tells users to change passwords

Kickstarter was hacked earlier this week, the crowdfunding site informed users on Saturday. While the company says the hackers didn’t gain access to credit card numbers and only two users were affected, it advised all users to change their passwords.

How Kickstarter can solve its product problem

Kickstarter is not a store, but many people who back technology, design and game projects sometimes think that way, which can be a problem when projects gets delayed. Here’s my suggestion for how to fix this issue.

Can crowdfunding help produce another WikiLeaks or Pentagon Papers?

In an attempt to help get around what they call a financial blockade of WikiLeaks and to help fund-raise for other public-interest groups, some high-profile journalists and freedom-of-information activists have set up the Freedom of the Press Foundation, an umbrella group that launched on Monday.

Christie Street builds a crowdfunding platform for hardware products

Christie Street is trying to be the Kickstarter for hardware products. The new site gives inventors a thorough review and doesn’t approve projects that aren’t viable. It also provides protections for backers, who can even buy insurance to get their money back if a project fails.

Indiegogo: data proves German stereotypes are wrong

The explosive growth of crowdfunding projects is turning lots of assumptions about business and creativity upside down. But nowhere is that change more apparent than in Germany, where Indiegogo founder Danae Ringelmann says the huge popularity of crowdfunding is even challenging the country’s conception of itself.

Kickstarter goes live in the UK

Kickstarter launched its UK site Wednesday with about 200 projects, part of a larger planned international expansion. Now U.K. creators can begin using Kickstarter to fund their creative projects.

LoudSauce is a Kickstarter for grassroots advertising

Crowdfunding site uses Amazon S3, Heroku and other cloud services to keep its costs low. San Francisco-based LoudSauce aims to give voice to small groups and organizations that don’t have SuperPACs to call their own, according to co-founder Colin Mutchler.

Could Kickstarter be used to crowdfund journalism?

A journalist from Michigan has raised funding through Kickstarter for a project that will see him travel across the U.S. interviewing people about the election. Could that be an alternative model for financing investigative or in-depth reporting by journalists as newspapers continue to cut back?

Can a publisher use crowdfunding to replace ads?

Penny Arcade, a webcomic publisher and event producer, is trying to use Kickstarter to finance its web operations for a year so it can replace traditional banner advertising with a reader-centric model. Could traditional publishers learn something from this crowdfunding experiment?

Why Louis CK and Amanda Palmer are the future of content

Comedian Louis CK, who made $1 million selling downloads of a show through his website, has sold $4.5-million in tickets to a new tour in 48 hours. He and musician Amanda Palmer show that for content creators, building a community is more important than ever.

Kickstarter explains why failed projects are harder to find

After a recent story highlighted how Kickstarter made it harder to find failed projects, Kickstarter’s co-founder Yancey Strickler explains. It’s about showcasing current projects that can be funded. Also, creators were asking for their projects to get de-indexed from web searches because they ranked high.

Iron Sky distributor threatens file sharers with lawsuits

Crowdsourcing, crowd-financing and… file sharing lawsuits? The science fiction comedy Iron Sky has gotten lots of help from its fans, and its filmmakers have in the past relied on BitTorrent to distribute their works. Now, a German distributor is threatening to sue file sharers.

Kickstarted: my conversation with Kickstarter co-founder Perry Chen

Kickstarter is not just a startup– it’s part of an important shift away from the industrial manufacturing era & toward the maker economy. In this wide-ranging interview, founder Perry Chen talks about how society is reaching a new ‘bursting point of creativity,’ & where Kickstarter goes from here.

With $200M pledged, Kickstarter is becoming two businesses

Three years in, Kickstarter has raised $200 million for 22,000 projects. But the platform is evolving from just a patronage service for artistic projects to a store front for products. Technology and design products now account for 15 percent of all funds raised.

5 stories to read before you sleep

If you are like me, you don’t have enough time during the day to read all the good/fun stuff that is published during the day. Don’t worry, I just found some cool stuff for you to enjoy before you turn those lights off.

Aziz Ansari’s $5 comedy special is powered by

Comedian Aziz Ansari is following in Louis CK’s footsteps, selling his new stand-up special directly to fans as a $5 DRM-free download. The offering is powered by, and the company’s founders told me that they have great hopes for crowdfunding in 2012.

Does a new crowdfunding bill for startups go too far?

Is new legislation that is aimed at allowing startups to raise money from individuals really going to help the economy — or is it just going to increase the number of stock scams and help fuel a dangerous kind of bubble mentality around investing?

Kickstarter comes of age as a big-time funding platform

For the first time, not one but two Kickstarter projects eclipsed the $1 million pledge mark, within hours of each other yesterday. The milestones highlight the bigger momentum behind Kickstarter, which is rounding into form as a major funding tool.

Rising film backer Kickstarter readies for its close-up

Kickstarter, the fund-raising engine for an increasing number of creative projects, is poised to have a breakout winter as a film funder, with three of its projects on documentary short lists for the Academy Awards and more than a dozen films headed to Sundance.

Is crowdfunding startups a solution, or just another problem?

A new bill would allow entrepreneurs to raise up to $2 million from individual investors without having to be approved by securities regulators. But would this free up more entrepreneurial firepower to help the economy, or just cause chaos and confusion for investors and regulatory headaches?

IndieGoGo wants to give Kickstarter a run for its money

Crowdfunding, fundraising by collecting relatively small amounts of money from many different people, has become quite popular in recent years. But Kickstarter is not the only startup churning out group funding success stories: San Francisco-based startup IndieGoGo is seeing its own form of crowdfunding success.

Unbound’s struggle to build crowdfunding for books

Two months after it launched, British book crowdfunding website Unbound has only managed to push one project to the finishing line. So what’s wrong? Is donation-based publishing a dead end, or did the service misunderstand the reasons behind Kickstarter’s success?

Crowdfunding? Kickstarter Has Some Advice

So you want to “crowdfund” a project? How much should you ask people for? What kind of time frame should you be looking at? Kickstarter, a crowdfunding startup aimed at creative professionals, recently went through data on its successful projects and came up with some recommendations.

Crowdfunding Site Sellaband Is Bankrupt

Sellaband — a crowdfunding service that helped musicians raise money from members to record CDs — is bankrupt, according to a co-founder and minority investor in the company, who says it ran out of money. The service has reportedly filed for court protection in the Netherlands.