Cox Communications

HBO Doubles Down On TV Everywhere

HBO gave its TV Everywhere offering a big boost today, announcing that the service now has more than 1,400 video titles available, including entire series runs of popular scripted programming like The Sopranos. It also added Cox Communications as its latest HBO Go distribution partner.

Cox Launches Consumer-Friendly Wireless

Cox Communications, the third largest cable provider in the U.S., today entered the wireless market after more than two years of planning. Incumbent carriers should take note: Cox Wireless customers get refunds for unused minutes, plan pricing is competitive and ETF charges are pro-rated properly.

Newspapers Need to Do More Than Copy Groupon

The rapid growth of Groupon has gotten the attention of newspaper chains, with Cox Media the latest to announce that it’s launching a similar social-shopping service called DealSwarm. But news publishers may be too late to this particular game, just as they were with Craigslist.

TiVo ‘Premieres’ on Cox

TiVo announced a deal with Cox Communications that will place cable video-on-demand services alongside linear TV programming and online VOD choices. The deal will enable Cox subscribers to purchase TiVo Premiere DVRs at retail locations and hook the devices in to their existing cable services.

Broadband Fans, We Have an Innovation Problem

Wired broadband is in trouble. And ISPs and Silicon Valley are to blame. The idea that wireless could be a real substitute for wired broadband showcases how crappy our current broadband is. We need fatter pipes, but we also need applications that take advantage of them.

Cox Goes Mobile in 3 Test Markets

Cox has rolled out mobile services in three test markets ahead of a general launch for residential and business customers next month. But we’re still waiting to hear what kind of services and handsets it will offer, and how much service will cost.

Cox Newspapers Brings 19 Newspapers To Mobile

Cox Newspapers said it has launched 19 ad-supported mobile Web sites for local newspapers around the country that will feature local news, a…

Comcast, Time Warner And Cox Pull Out Of Pivot

Comcast (NSDQ: CMCSA), Time Warner (NYSE: TWX) Cable and Cox Communications have pulled out of the Pivot joint venture with Sprint (NYSE: S)…