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Cord Cutters

Are you tired of paying way too much for TV every month? Then watch our weekly web series Cord Cutters, read first-hand…

Time Warner Cable: How about some TV with your Netflix?

Cable operators used to focus on TV bundles as their main selling point, and treat internet access as an add-on. A recent mailer sent out by Time Warner Cable strikes a different tone, offering users a year of free TV if they improve their Netflix experience.

How one sports geek wants to save cable TV with data

Mark Phillip wants to save cable television, kind of. He really wants to make life easier for sports fanatics like himself, but in doing so has created something he thinks could save cable and satellite from the cord-cutting craze. The secret to his possible success: data.

Cord Cutters: Lilyhammer, Battleground & Co.

Thought online video was just about short clips? Think again: Netflix and Hulu are both premiering online-exclusive TV shows this month, and Sony is airing the third episode of its reality TV show on the PlayStation Network. We are taking a first look at these shows.

Cord Cutters: A first look at Boxee Live TV (video)

Boxee’s new Live TV dongle combines free over-the-air HD TV with social sharing and an electronic programming guide. The device is specifically being marketed to cord cutters and people interested in ditching their pay TV subscription – but is it worth $50? Check out our review.

9M households won’t have cable by 2016

Cord cutting will continue to grow in the next five years, but pay TV providers will also be squeezed by households who never subscribe to begin with. Altogether, nine million households won’t have cable in five years time. DVR growth is also slowing as a result.

Cord Cutters: Checking out the Boxee iPad app

Boxee’s new iPad app aggregates videos from your Twitter and Facebook contacts, plays videos files stored on your computer and beams videos straight to the Boxee Box or an Apple TV. Check out a detailed walk-through in this week’s episode of Cord Cutters

Cord Cutters: Supercharging your Boxee browser

Have you ever used an Etch-A-Sketch with one hand tied behind your back? That’s what it’s been to use the Boxee Box browser, thanks to a hardly usable mouse pointer. An update to the Boxee iOS remote control app now solves these issues.

Cord Cutters: How to Turn Your Roku Into a DVR

Want to watch live TV on your Roku media streamer, and maybe even pause live feeds whenever you need a quick break? How about watching recordings of your favorite broadcast TV shows? All of this is possible if you turn your Roku into a DVR.

Cord Cutters: Viewers Tell Us About Their Experiences

At our meetups on Cord Cutter Day, the GigaOM team got to meet with viewers that swapped stories about their setups at home and give each other advice on how to get all the content they want without cable. Here are a few of their suggestions.

Cord Cutters Day: Join Us Today for Meetups Everywhere

Have you ditched your expensive pay TV subscription yet? Or are you about to? Then join us tonight at meetups in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin, Toronto, New York, Chicago and some 16 other cites all across the U.S. and beyond to celebrate Cord Cutters Day.

Netflix Now Officially Has More Subscribers Than Comcast

Netflix continued to post impressive quarterly financial numbers, ending the first quarter 2011 as the largest subscription video service in North America. It now has 23.6 million subscribers in total, compared to Comcast’s 22.8 million pay TV subscribers in the U.S.

Cord Cutters Quick Tip: Activate Your Antenna!

What do you do when you hook an over-the-air antenna to your TV but all you get is static? In this week’s Cord Cutters Quick Tip, Janko shows you how to make sure you’re able to get all the stations being broadcast over-the-air in your area.

Cord Cutters Survival Stories: Middle of the Road

What’s it like to cut the cord from pay TV? In our weekly Survival Story series, we’re asking cord cutters to tell us about their experiences. This week’s featured cord cutter is Beau Bredow, who will save close to $1000 this year thanks to ditching cable.

Cord Cutters Survival Stories: Watching All the Leagues

What’s it like to cut the cord from pay TV? What’s working, what’s missing, and what kind of equipment does the best job of replacing the cable box? In our weekly Survival Story series, we’re asking cord cutters to tell us about their experiences.

Cord Cutters Survival Stories: Ya Win Some, Ya Lose Some

“So far it has not been that bad” doesn’t exactly sound like a rave review. But when Matt Worley talks about his cord cutting experience, you’ll get a sense that he’s learning to love it. And saving a bunch of money definitely helps as well.

Cord Cutters

Are you tired of paying way too much for TV every month? Then watch our weekly web series Cord Cutters, read first-hand…

Cord Cutters Survival Stories: Having It All

What’s it like to cut the cord from pay TV? What’s working, what’s missing, and what equipment does the best job replacing the cable box? This week’s featured cord cutter is J.T., who uses an elaborate setup including a Mac Mini and an EyeTV tuner.

Cord Cutters Survival Stories: Bye Bye Cable TV

Ryan Flynn got himself a Roku XDS and a new antenna when he embarked on his cord cutting adventure. Now he’s getting HD TV that looks better than cable, and he is saving around $70 per month. But for Flynn, it wasn’t just about saving money.

Cord Cutters: The iFanboy Edition

The folks behind the comic book fan site iFanboy got together to discuss their different approaches towards cord cutting for this special guest episode of Cord Cutters. Turns out comic book aficionados are just as obsessed with Netflix and Hulu as everyone else.

Cord Cutters Survival Story: On My Own Terms

Sergio Ornelas replaced his DVR with a Dell Zinio, Comcast’s EPG with a plain old web browser and his cable package with Netflix and Hulu Plus. Still, something he’s missing some content, and he freely admits going to unlicensed streaming sites to fill that void.

Hulu Wants to Know If You’re a Cord Cutter

Are you watching all your TV via Hulu and Netflix? Do you pay for satellite TV or cable, or do you just receive free over the air broadcasts? Those are the questions Hulu is currently asking its users. It’s all about the ads, says the company.

Announcing the First Cord Cutters Meetup, 1/25 in SF

Here’s one more thing you can do when you don’t have cable: Meet fellow cord cutters at our inaugural Cord Cutters meetup, coming to San Francisco on 01/25. So come on by, say hello and exchange some war stories from a life without the cable box.

Cord Cutters: How To Optimize Netflix Streaming

Thanks to availability on a wide range of devices and an ever-growing catalog of content, Netflix has become one of the go-to entertainment solutions for those without cable. But is your Netflix viewing the best it can be? That’s the focus of today’s Cord Cutters.

CES Recap: Cord Cutters Edition

Turns out, CES wasn’t just about tablets: There were also a number of announcements of services and devices that will help you to get rid of your pay TV subscription and embrace the Cord Cutters lifestyle. Check out the most important news in our recap.

Cord Cutters Survival Stories: A Box for Everyone

Which box should you buy if you want to cut the cord and get rid of pay TV? We’ve been telling you our opinion about some of the products available, but of course, our clever readers often have their own take on their favorite boxes.

Cord Cutters: The WD TV Live Plus

In our 12th episode of Cord Cutters, Janko spotlights the WD TV Live Plus, a set-top box that also supports for locally-hosted media, Ryan reads out some great Twitter comments we’ve received recently and Liz talks up the popular YouTube series Black Box TV.

Cord Cutters Survival Stories: It’s All About Value

Reader Doug van Kirk and his family were cable subscribers for a while, but Comcast’s package deals just weren’t working for them. So with some upgrades to their home entertainment solutions, including a connected PC and Windows Media Center, they joined the ranks of the cable-free.

2011 Prediction: This Will Be the Year of Cord Cutting

Still doubting that cord cutting is real? The enjoy the time you have with that notion: 2011 will be the year that cord cutting is becoming an indisputable fact, as more and more consumers are embracing alternatives to cable and other forms of pay TV subscription.

Cord Cutters Confessions: Why We Canceled Cable

On this week’s episode of Cord Cutters, members of the GigaOM staff explain why they canceled their pay TV subscription and how they’re watching TV shows with the help of MacBooks, projectors, Netflix and Hulu Plus subscriptions, Roku players, Boxee boxes and sports bars.

Cord Cutters Survival Stories: I Will Never Go Back

The only problem he ever faced with cord cutting was finding a mouse that works well when used on the couch, writes our reader Mark Smith, who is using a combination of HTPC, projector and a few set-top boxes to satisfy all his TV watching needs.

Cord Cutters: Turn Your PC Into a Media Center

While there are plenty of set-top boxes and fancy devices out there to help you drop your cable subscription, it turns out that with the right combination of cables and adaptors, a laptop can fill the gap just fine for any aspiring cord cutter.

Cord Cutters Survival Stories: Saving $100+ A Month

“The only thing cable ever gets you is fat,” says Henry Knepp, who cut the cord this week. Knepp is now using a Roku box, Hulu Plus and Netflix to access online content. He’s missing a few shows, but also saving a whole bunch of money.

Vid-Biz: Cord-Cutting, YouTube-Miramax, Netflix

Today on the Net: Cord-cutters are less prevalent in major cities than in other parts of the country, YouTube is negotiating with new Miramax parent to get access to films like Pulp Fiction and the secrets to Netflix’s content acquisition strategy

Now It’s a Trend: 119K More Cords Cut in Q3

If once is a fluke and twice is a trend, we can maybe confirm what we’ve been saying all along: that cord cutting is something the cable industry needs to worry about. According to new data, 119,000 pay TV subscribers dropped service in the third quarter.

Cord Cutters: NewTeeVee Live Edition, Cord-Cutting Activism

Cord cutting was one of the hottest topics at last week’s NewTeeVee Live conference. In fact, the term got mentioned so often that people started a drinking game. On this week’s episode of Cord Cutters, we talk about some of the show’s highlights and key take-aways.

Wanna Try Cord Cutting? Buy A $12 Antenna

Wanna cut the cord and free yourself from your monthly cable bill, but not give up on HD content on your TV? Then why don’t you buy a $12 antenna? On this week’s episode of Cord Cutters, we’re embracing the good old rabbit ears.

Logitech Revue: Not Cutting It For Cord Cutters

Google TV wants to combine the world of television with the countless videos available online – but does this work for cord cutters as well? That’s the question we asked in this week’s episode of Cord Cutters, which also covers Veebeam and Legend of Neil.

Cord Cutters Are Young, Educated and Employed

Sanford Bernstein analyst Craig Moffett believes the typical cord cutter is 40 years old, poor and settling for a “dog’s breakfast” of Netflix and short-form video. But recent research from Strategy Analytics shows that, as it turns out, nothing could be further from the truth.

Open Thread: Are Cord Cutters Hip Or Poor?

We know that Comcast is losing cable subscribers en masse. What we don’t know is what makes them cancel: Are these cord cutters ready to switch to Hulu? Or are we talking about victims of the recessions who just can’t afford HBO and Showtime anymore?

Comcast Subscribers Flee as Cable Bills Increase

Need more evidence that cable subscribers are cutting the cord? Look no further than Comcast’s latest earnings report, in which it lost 275,000 subscribers during the third quarter. Want to know why they’re switching off cable? Check out Comcast’s ARPU, which jumped 10 percent, to $129.75.

Cord Cutters: NewTeeVee’s First Web Series!

We here at NewTeeVee love talking about the world of cord-cutting, because it’s where everything we’re passionate about converges. And that’s why we’re taking our passion for this phenomenon to the next level with the launch of Cord Cutters, our first original web series.

30% of PlayOn Users Cut the Cord

PlayOn says 30 percent of its customers have canceled their cable subscriptions, with another 10 percent downgrading them. Based on the number of users that have downgraded or done away with cable, the startup estimates that it saves customers $24 million a year on cable bills.

Europeans Cutting the Cord; Will Americans Follow?

The cable and satellite industry in the U.S. has begun to show some weakness, with the first-ever decline in pay TV subscribers last quarter. But data from the European Union shows that cable subscribers there have already decided to stop paying for cable TV services.

Is Cable Killing the Golden Goose?

Cable companies continue to raise prices for their pay TV subscriptions, even as consumers are struggling to make ends meet due to the economy. That could be one reason that the number of multichannel TV subscribers dropped for the first time ever last quarter.

New Numbers Reveal: Cord Cutting Is Real

U.S. Pay TV subscriptions have declined for the first time in history in the second quarter. Comcast & other cableco’s lost a total of 711,000 subscribers last quarter, which represents the biggest quarterly loss ever for cable TV. Telcos and sattellite TV providers were better off.