The YouTube Decision: What it means and what happens next

Today’s appeals court ruling in YouTube v. Viacom is the biggest copyright decision of the year and already both sides are proclaiming victory.

The case is about much more than the $1 billion that Viacom says it is owed for John Stewart and South Park clips that appeared on YouTube years ago.

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P2P Lawsuits Gone Wild

German rights holders have turned litigation against file sharers into a money machine that just keeps on giving. P2P activists estimate estimates that Germany’s BitTorrent users faced more than half a million lawsuits in 2010. Some people even got sued multiple times for the same file.

Chocolate-Milk App Lands Hershey In Court

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Pressured by Rights Holders, Ivi Sues Them All

Now this didn’t take long: Seattle-based online TV start-up Ivi has received more that ten cease and desist letters from major broadcasters like CBS and ABC for its online TV service. The company responded to these demands with a copyright lawsuit of its own today.

Ivi Seeks to Become an Online Cable System

Ivi streams live TV from broadcasters like ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and PBS, but it didn’t sign a single contract with any of these companies. Instead, it relies on a clause in U.S. copyright law that allows cable TV providers to retransmit over-the-air broadcast content.

YouTube Wins Viacom Court Case

The United States District Court for the Southern District of New York has just granted YouTube’s motion for summary judgment against Viacom, meaning that the site is off the hook in Viacom’s billion-dollar copyright infringement case.

U.S. Court: Isohunt has to Shut Down

Los Angeles-based District Court judge Stephen Wilson issued a permanent injunction against the torrent indexing site and its owner Garry Fung yesterday, giving Fung pretty much no choice but to shut down Isohunt or make it otherwise inaccessible for U.S.-based file sharers.