What will happen to the smart home hub?

Deep pockets, smarter homes

Last week’s acquisition of UK-based smart home platform provider AlertMe capped off a smart-home acquisition spree that includes Nest picking up Revolv…

Why the internet of things needs ‘curated openness’

The internet of things is for real, even if it’s nowhere near the nirvana of devices that speak with each other and take care of our every waking need automatically. The only way it will get there, says RIM’s Sebastian Marineau-Mes, is with industry-wide standards.

The FDA wants to regulate your connected toothbrush

Beam Technologies got FDA approval for its connected toothbrush today — approval it never thought it needed. But its story shows how the FDA is paying attention to startups seeking to add connectivity to medical devices and maybe even medical apps to regular smartphones.

LinkedIn starts spending its IPO cash — very, very slowly

LinkedIn has finally started spending some of that cash it raised in its May 9 stock market debut. But given the company’s $7.3 billion market cap, its first post-IPO acquisition — of husband-and-wife startup “Connected” — is not quite as splashy as some might have expected.

adRise brings interactive ads to your connected TV

New connected devices are making the same type of granular reporting and targetability that is available on web-based video ads also available on the TV. San Francisco-based startup adRise wants to be the platform to enable those ads to be delivered across multiple devices.

How connected devices will disrupt the TV ad market

Linear TV still rules the ad market, with $160 billion spent worldwide last year. But a growing number of connected TVs will soon disrupt the TV ad market, by combining reach with all the interactivity, targeting and analytics advertisers expect from web video ads.

Comcast Taking Video Delivery Into the Cloud

Comcast could soon make its video services over IP, EVP of Strategy & Development Sam Schwartz wrote in a blog post. The Xcalibur initiative, as it’s called, could revolutionize the way that Comcast customers browse, search and discover content.

A new improved (faster) bluetooth

Bluetooth SIG has announced a new prototype specification named Enhanced Data Rate (EDR), which provides faster data transmissions and improve the user…