Connected devices

Casio’s smart watch for the masses works with iPhone

Once relegated to early adopters, smart watches are slowly filtering their way into the view of mainstream shoppers. Case in point: Casio’s new GShock connects to an iPhone for call or email notifications and can be found at Macy’s, Bloomingdales and Nordstrom for $180.

As iOS sales grow, who benefits? The gyroscope market!

Apple is now taking most of the smartphone profits, but some component manufacturers are coming along for the ride. Sales of gyroscopes rose 66 percent in 2011 over the prior year as record iOS device sales pushed the small motion sensor market to new highs.

Ladies love e-readers; guys prefer tablets

New Nielsen data suggests that e-readers are more popular with women while guys prefer their tablets. Smartphones are now equally popular between the sexes. According to Nielsen’s second-quarter survey, 61 percent of e-reader owners are women while men make up 57 percent of tablet owners.

Devices Do Matter, As BBC iPlayer Sets New Records

Connected devices are now the fastest growing portion of the BBC iPlayer’s viewership, as the public broadcaster continues to post record numbers. In fact, there’s been a 10-fold increase in viewership on connected TVs, Blu-ray players, hybrid set-top boxes and game consoles since last June.

Cord Cutters: 3 WD TV Live Plus Tips & Tricks

This week’s episode is all about getting the most out of the WD TV Live Plus, a versatile media player that has the chops to become your very own NAS drive. We also show you how to connect a wireless keyboard and how to simplify YouTube.

The Rise of Connected Devices

The recently concluded Consumer Electronics Show brought home one simple fact: We will soon be hard-pressed to find consumer electronics that don’t feature a built-in Internet connection. To get a sense of our CE obsession, check out this stunning infographic from the folks at Mint.