Apple Conference Call: Don’t Expect Another iPad in 2011

After today’s earning report for the second fiscal quarter, Apple’s conference call was something of a dénouement. In a relatively dry call without the presence of Steve Jobs, the main topic of interest was the iPad; the questions focused on supply problems, the answers avoided them.

Apple Second Quarter Earnings Preview

With Apple announcing earnings next Wednesday, it’s bound to be good news for stockholders. But it’s good time to look at what that means for consumers, too. Could the earnings call provide hints about the future of Apple’s hardware and software plans?

Apple Conference Call: 6 Things You Should Know

Unlike last quarter, today’s conference call did not include a cameo by iconic CEO Steve Jobs, who announced a leave on absence on Monday. In fact, his name didn’t even come up, and that’s one of five things Apple watchers should know about today’s call.

Apple Conference Call: The Non-Boring Stuff

Apple’s excruciatingly boring conference call for the third fiscal quarter has come and gone, but if you didn’t listen, or couldn’t stay awake, here are the top 10 items of interest (to me). Record Mac sales, antennagate and record revenue were some of the highlights.'s New iPhone Apps Are Big Time Savers today launched two new iPhone applications targeted at both consumers and small business customers: Holdr and Conference Starter. One app gets people together on the phone while the other frees you from annoying hold music as you wait to speak to a real, live person.