The state of cross-platform measurement across TV, online, and social

Long gone are the days when broadcast and cable networks, magazines, and radio were the gateways to customers. Today brand advertisers must go to much greater lengths to find their audiences. Savvier than those a decade ago, these marketers want integrated campaign measurement and key performance indicators (KPIs) from media companies across every channel at a level of granularity that previously was relegated to the direct marketing channel.

YouTube still the king of online video (charts)

More people watched video on the Internet through YouTube than any other site by a wide margin during August, as Google continues to enjoy the benefits of having the most engaged online viewers. Still wondering if Google is a media company?

Slowly and steadily, Vimeo hits its growth stride

When it comes to online video, there are three companies that dominate the conversation – YouTube, Netflix and Hulu. But don’t overlook, IAC-owned Vimeo, the single most interesting video platform. A little boost from friends like Apple and Kickstarter, and suddenly it is starting to find growth.


New strategies in consumer-media cloud storage

Apple has sought to use the cloud to heighten the value of its tightly woven ecosystem by integrating its own cloud-based services into the core functionality of its devices and in doing so has created consumer lock-in

ComScore: iPhone barely edges Android’s growth in U.S.

Between February and May, Apple’s iPhone saw a sliver of growth in U.S. smartphone market share at 1.7 percent. Android saw smaller growth (0.8 percent) but is still most prevalent and is on a little over half of all smartphones, according to a report released Monday.

Vevo viewers down 20% year-to-year

Once the fastest growing content supplier in the online video business, Vevo has seen its U.S. internet audience shrink by 20 percent over the last year, according to numbers released Monday by comScore. The measurement, however, does not reflect migration to mobile platforms.

Online advertising: Brave new world or more of the same?

After years away, Rags Gupta returned to online publishing only to discover a brave new world in advertising. But although the formats, tools and technologies have changed, there are truisms that continue to hold. Gupta warns that we would be well-advised to remember them.

StatShot: Who’s buying tablets and watching more video

Smartphone owners are driving tablet demand in the U.S. as 23.6 percent of those with a smartphone now own a slate: Nearly 1 in 4 consumers with a smartphone purchased a tablet between February and April of this year. Half of those slates are video players.

Facebook doesn’t just want world domination: it needs it

Facebook’s rise has come on the back of astonishing international growth — but it needs to keep expanding everywhere, and in every way, to keep up with investors’ expectations. Where can it find the silver bullet? And how will it happen?

YouTube’s April video usage up 55% over 2011

Aggressive investments into professional-grade (and semi-professional-grade) video content have dramatically increased the average amount of time viewers on YouTube and Yahoo spend watching shows each month. The competition, meanwhile, has seen its usage decline in a big way. We crunch the comScore video numbers.

Machinima is YouTube’s content king

Machinima is rocking it on YouTube: The video game content publisher clocked close to 350 million domestic video views in January alone. That’s more than all the views of the next seven biggest publishers combined. Worldwide, Machinima had 1.3 billion YouTube views in January.

Want to see 2012’s mobile future? Look at 2011

What will 2012 bring to our mobile world where tablets are trying to take the place of PCs and we’re carrying small computers in our pockets? ComScore helps predict 2012 by looking at 2011 in its Mobile Future in Focus report, published on Thursday.

YouTube serves up nearly half of all videos online

Even as online video viewing has expanded, audiences at YouTube continue to outpace the market. The latest evidence? ComScore’s September Video Metrix report, which shows that nearly half of all videos viewed online in September were delivered by the Google-owned online video site.

comScore Acquires Analytics Firm AdXpose

Audience analytics firm comScore (NSDQ: SCOR) is acquiring ad campaign effectiveness firm AdXpose for $22 million in a mostly stock-based tr…

iOS the Only Holdout Against Android Onslaught

At first glance, the latest comScore smartphone market share figures paint a bleak picture for anyone that isn’t Android, but there’s plenty of reason to believe that iOS is holding its own. The Verizon iPhone is one, and we’ve only just begun to see its effect.

iPhone Flat in U.S. as Android Takes Market Share Lead

According to the latest comScore report, Android has overtaken iOS in the U.S. when it comes to smartphones and taken the lead in overal market share. iOS shows flat growth compared to last quarter, but a few new moves could turn things around.

comScore’s Year in Review and the Year Ahead

Last week, market researcher comScore released its U.S. Digital Year in Review report that’s chock full of useful data for the industry. Implications arising from the numbers include Facebook’s ad value problems, communications platform evolution, and potential social commerce growth barriers.

Online Video Ads Will Be a $5B Business By 2014

Online video advertising is fast becoming big business, with ad spend expected to grow from $1.4 billion in 2010 to $5.2 billion in 2014. Despite that growth, the online video ad market will still lag the growth of online video viewership unless publishers increase ad loads.

Dish Exec: Hulu Is Destroying the TV Industry

The free availability of popular TV shows online could eventually lead to the destruction of one of the main pillars of the TV industry, Dish exec Bruce Eisen said during a panel at Streaming Media West today. His remedy? A 30-day window for Hulu & Co.

ComScore: Yahoo Beats Facebook for Videos Viewed

Maybe web video junkies have the back-to-school blues? According to new numbers released by comScore today, there was a slight dip in online video viewership last month, with the total number of Internet users watching online video dropping from 178 million in August to 175 million.

Is It Time for Content Providers to Dump Feature Phones?

Although feature phones still outsell smartphones, a greater number of smartphone users accessed mobile content in apps and browsers than consumers with feature phones for the first time ever in the U.S., says comScore. But the app economy is helping feature phones too, says one company.

ComScore: Four Out of Five Videos on Hulu Are Ads

Feel like you’ve been seeing a lot more ads on Hulu lately? Guess what, you’re right: New numbers from comScore show that close to 84 percent of all videos shown on Hulu are now advertisements. That makes Hulu by far the biggest video ad network.

Twitter's Web Traffic More Than Doubled Last Year

Traffic to the website more than doubled last year, according to the latest results from comScore, with more than 92 million unique visitors visiting the site in June 2010. The fastest-growing market was Latin America, where usage of the social networking service more than tripled.

Netflix June Traffic Growth ‘Off the Charts’

Due to immense takeup of the company’s Watch Instantly streaming video service, Netflix traffic growth is “off the charts,” according to comScore. The number of Netflix visitors spiked 46 percent year-over-year in June, which is the fastest year-over-year growth comScore has seen in five years.

Vid-Biz: comScore, Hulu, Nascar

Today on the Net: comScore will begin measure video views and ads separately beginning with its June Video Metrix numbers, startup VidMe launches with a new site for sharing personal videos with a select group of friends and NASCAR and Turner are rolling out 3-D.

Facebook Search Queries Jump 10% in February

Facebook redesigned at the beginning of February, moving its search box from the right side to the top middle of its home page, and it seems to have paid off, with the company’s U.S. search queries growing 10 percent in February, according to comScore.

comScore Hires Long-Time AOL Exec Bosco

Long-time AOL (NYSE: AOL) executive Eric Bosco is joining comScore (NSDQ: SCOR) as the measurement company’s chief product officer. Bosco ha…

Flurry Teams Up With comScore

Flurry, a San Francisco-based mobile app analytics company that recently merged with Pinch Media of New York, has teamed up with comScore in a deal that will marry Flurry’s analytics with comScore’s mobile panel data. The combined results, in turn, will be sold to comScore’s clients.

Will Cyber Monday End With a Bang or a Whimper?

Data so far shows that online spending and visits to online retailers are up this holiday season, but has the spending and traffic hit a peak ahead of Cyber Monday? If so, does it render Black Friday and Cyber Monday moot as indicators for holiday spending?

Black Friday, Red Ink: Big Discounts Will Kill Profits

The holiday shopping season has shifted into full gear. But while online retailers are sure to see stronger sales than their offline rivals, the desperate discounts happening across the board threaten to erode any profits they may have once hoped for this season.

Hulu Grew 33% in February

Though we’ve worried that Hulu’s success might make it a victim, by driving its content providers to limit their offerings and provoking…

comScore Shares Sink After Blowing Google Call

More on the “gotcha mongers” theme: So who was the big loser from this evening’s Google (NSDQ: GOOG) report? It looks like comScore (NSDQ: S…

10 Tips to Widget-up Your Startup Brand

Widgets are taking social media by storm and becoming a valuable online marketing platform for interaction with consumers. Last June, comScore estimated…