Google Chrome watch: no Flash; just the time

Now that Google has brought its Chrome browser to desktops, laptops, Chromebooks (remember those?) and, just today, to Android 4.0 tablets and smartphones, where will Chrome appear next? For $60, it can be on your wrist, but don’t expect to browse for anything but the time.

Cloud is complex—deal with it

If you are looking to cloud computing to simplify your IT environment, I’m afraid I have bad news for you. For every problem eliminated by choosing cloud, it just creates more problems you remain accountable for— and perhaps some that you never had to face before.

Hearts will race with Wahoo’s BlueHR BT Smart monitor

As the market for Bluetooth 4.0 health monitoring gadgets is about to kick off next year, some companies are wasting no time, announcing products now. Wahoo’s new BlueHR heart monitor will debut for $79.99 and uses the low-powered wireless protocol with several existing iPhone 4S apps.

iPhone is for games; Android is for other apps

Analysis by Xyologic found that of the top 150 apps downloaded on each the iPhone and Android in 2011, Android leaned toward apps, with 85 of 150 being non-gaming apps, while 100 of the top 150 apps on the iPhone were games.

Kickstarter from IBM chief scientist celebrates history of computing

Grady Booch, IBM’s chief scientist, has launched a Kickstarter project for a multi-media documentary series called Computing: the Human Experience. The project looks to shed a light on computing much like Carl Sagan’s Cosmos TV series made learning about the universe exciting.

Bestofmedia Acquires IT Site

French tech publisher Bestofmedia raised $35 million earlier this summer, and now it’s spending some of it… The parent of Tom’s Guide has…