If email is dead, why so many new email products?

Email is dead. Long live email

For years we’ve been hearing that email is circling the drain. Too much noise. Too much spam. Too distracting. Young people text. Blah blah blah. Given all that, many of us (ahem) still spend a ton of time on email — at least at work.

YouSendIt sends iPad, Android apps to cloud storage war

In the latest salvo in the ever-hotter cloud storage battle, YouSendIt added iPad and Android client apps to its cloud-based document sync, transfer and storage service, as well as updated iPhone and Windows desktop apps. A new Mac desktop version is in beta.

The Future of Collaboration Brought to You by Twitter

The nature of collaboration is changing thanks to social media, a rising number of teleworkers and –most importantly– broadband. Instead of one-on-one collaboration over distances and in offices folks can now collaborate with multiple people easily. I ran across two examples of this shift this week.

Iron Sky Releases First Footage to Get Donations

The Nazis fled Germany at the end of World War II, thanks to a secret space travel program, and settled on the moon. 70 years later, they’re ready to come back. That’s the premise of the collaboratively produced movie Iron Sky. Click through for first footage.

Cisco Betting Big on Buzzwords for Growth

Cisco is betting that video, collaboration and virtualization will help it to grow between 12 and 17 percent over the next few years and overcome the maturing sales of its core products, switches and routers. But it won’t be easy as the company squares off against bigger and fiercer rivals.

No More NBC Shows on iTunes?

NBC Universal is saying it won’t renew an agreement to sell its television shows on Apple’s iTunes, according to the New York…

TotalTele WCA Awards

India’s growing influence in telecommunications industry is reflected in the recent Total Tele World Communications awards. Mukesh Ambani, chief executive of Reliance…

Gary’s on the clock

Finally the noose is beginning to tighten around Global (Double) Crossing promoter, Gary Winnick. The New York Times has a brilliant article…

One Billion Installed

RF Micro Devices is one of those companies which makes chips that are used by most of the cell phones on the…