No excuses: It’s your job to steer clear of the mob

The media made a terrible error in identifying Ryan Lanza as the Sandy Hook shooter — a mistake amplified by social media. But while we may not be able to prevent these blunders happening elsewhere, we have to take responsibility for our own actions.

It’s not Twitter — this is just the way the news works now

The way that inaccurate news reports about a mass shooting in Connecticut filtered out through social media has brought up many of the same criticisms as Hurricane Sandy — that social media isn’t an appropriate forum for journalism. But this is simply the way news works now.

Study: News sites take a huge hit on election night

If you weren’t clicking on news sites on election night, you were probably better off. Yottaa’s monitors showed that almost every major online news site fared very poorly when the results started to flow in with page load times hitting 50 seconds.

Where to watch the Republican National Convention live online

Live streams, video chats, curated tweets and fact-checking: This week’s Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla. will be covered online like few political events before, as news networks try to outdo each other with the number of simultaneous live streams. Check out our complete guide.

Should you be first or right with the news? Yes

A major error in CNN’s reporting of a landmark Supreme Court decision on Thursday has provided even more ammunition for the ongoing debate over whether it is better to be right rather than first, and whether the scoop as we know it is dead.

Twitter and the incredible shrinking news cycle

Instead of appearing on TV or in a newspaper, events like the death of Whitney Houston are as likely to be reported in a tweet or on Facebook — and in the long run, this shrinking of the traditional “news cycle” could be a good thing.

How 9/11 helped to change the media landscape

Thinking about September 11 makes me realize how much the media landscape — particularly on the web — was transformed by those events, and how very different the world is now when it comes to how we experience real-time news thanks to social media like Twitter.

What CNN could learn by acquiring Zite

If CNN is smart, watching what happens inside Zite’s news-reading app could give it something that all media companies are in desperate need of — whether they know it or not: real-time insights into what people really want to read about and why.

Will buying Zite make CNN better or Zite worse?

CNN announced Thursday that it has acquired personalized iPad newsreader application Zite. CNN says that Zite will continue to operate as a separate app, and I talked to CNN’s KC Estenson and Zite’s Mark Johnson to discuss how the companies will navigate those waters.

Retweeting rumors and the reality of news as a process

Are those who post unverified reports on Twitter playing an important role in the new ecosystem of news, or being irresponsible and indulging in gossip? That question goes to the heart of the idea of news as a process rather than a finished product.

Bootstrapping the CNN of tech: the story of TWiT

Many still view TWiT as a podcast network, but Leo Laporte and his CEO Lisa Kentzell have big ambitions for live video streaming. The duo gave us a tour of their new studio and talked about the virtues of bootstrapping and their plans for TWiT.

Lawsuit against CNN brings captions into the spotlight

Disabilities rights advocates sued CNN this week in an attempt to force the network to caption all of its online videos. The lawsuit brings closed captions back into the spotlight and could, if successful, have implications on pretty much any site offering online video in California.

Tiltview Aims to Be CNN for Cord Cutters

Want to watch a 24-hour news network without having cable? Then you might want to check out Tiltview, a mashup that combines news clips from a number of networks to a continuous 24-hour stream, complete with leanback-like user interface developed with Google TV in mind.

CNN Comes to the iPad, iPhone Version Goes Free

It’s a little late getting here, but today CNN introduced its iPad app. The app is a free download, and features a unique user interface custom-designed for the iPad’s larger screen. Simultaneous with the iPad app’s release, CNN is also making its existing iPhone app free.

Where to Watch Election Day 2010 Results Online

While the stakes for this election might not be quite as high as they were in 2008, any political junkie knows that this year’s results could have a major impact on national and local politics — and there are plenty of options for watching the action online.

Facebook + CNN = Future of TV

A single linear stream that everyone watches at the same time? How retro. Live events are the epitome of traditional oldteevee fare.…

CNN’s Cit-J Video Site iReport Launches

As we reported earlier this week, CNN’s ambitious citizen journalism site iReport.com has launched today. Less prominent CNN branding, which…