Bringing comparison shopping to the cloud

Amazon? Google? Microsoft? Rackspace? Itty-bitty instance? Big, bad instance? High memory? Low memory? Linux? Windows? Europe? US? Asia? It’s really hard to price out the myriad cloud services. CloudVertical hopes its new interactive cheat sheet will make it easier.

Cloudability says it pinpoints actual Amazon cloud spend

Cloudability says its analytics can cut your overall cloud services cost. Available now for Amazon Web Services, support is coming for other major cloud service providers, A raft of companies have sprung up to help companies get a better grip on their cloud spend.

Newvem adds Amazon S3 storage analytics to its roster

Newvem, which already kept taps on Amazon EC2 instances, is now adding S3 storage to the services it monitors and analyzes for customers. The goal is to help them pick the right storage tier for their different data sets, Newvem president Zev Laderman said.

Cloudability nets $8.7M to manage more cloud spending

Cloudabilty, the Portland, Ore.-startup that seeks to help companies manage their spending across clouds, just landed $8.7 million in Series A funding. The round was led by The Foundry Group and included contributions from 500 Startups, Trinity Ventures and ad firm Wieden + Kennedy.

Newvem calls in Dome9 to harden Amazon cloud workloads

Newvem, the feisty Israeli startup that made waves pointing out just how vulnerable (or badly configured) many customers’ Amazon EC2 cloud instances are, is taking steps to remedy that situation by partnering with Dome9, a security SaaS provider.

Amazon adds billing alerts to cloud services menu

Amazon cloud services may be cheap, but even those small charges can add up. Following a raft of third-party companies that offer AWS monitoring services, Amazon has stepped up to offer its own proactive billing alerts for Cloudwatch customers that enable it.

Newvem pulls back the curtain on Amazon cloud usage

Newvem, the startup that aims to help companies make the most out of their Amazon Web Services instances, has some new data that might shock the Amazon faithful. A high percentage of AWS users are paying for way more compute power than they need.