Cloud security

Survey: Cloud’s hard, insecure and my boss made me do it

Many IT professionals find migrating corporate applications to the cloud a difficult, time-consuming and altogether painful task, according to results of a new survey from Cisco. While the majority of respondents expressed relative comfort with their cloud migrations, some took rather extreme negative positions.

After power outages, cloud insurance looks even better

Last week’s outages at Microsoft and Amazon Web Services reiterated a very important lesson in cloud computing: Even the best-laid plans won’t stand up to an act of god or faulty electrical infrastructure. That’s why the burgeoning field of cloud insurance looks even better than ever.

Will the government get serious on cloud security, data privacy?

When the federal government finally does undertake the task of legislating cloud computing, it seems very likely that security measures and data privacy will dominate. The TechAmerica Foundation’s CLOUD2 commission announced Tuesday a data- and security-heavy set of recommendations that mirror proposed legislation targeting the cloud.

5 companies using web data to fight cybercrime

Yesterday, Google announced a new feature that alerts web surfers when their PCs might be infected with malware, but it’s hardly the only company using big data to fight cybercrime. We’ve covered a handful of them of over the past couple years.

BeyondCore combines compliance and the cloud

With its new SplitSecure technology, Structure 2011 LaunchPad finalist BeyondCore is trying to prove that companies processing sensitive data don’t have to be afraid of cloud computing. The company has actually been around since 2003, but SplitSecure represents its first foray into the cloud.

Will the Government Push Open Clouds Over the Goal Line?

TechAmerica’s Commission on the Leadership Opportunity in U.S. Deployment of the Cloud (CLOUD2) officially kicked off its three-month mission today to advise the Obama administration on cloud computing best practices, and pushing cloud interoperability is high on the commission’s list of goals.

After PHP Fog ‘Got Owned,’ It’s Time to Rethink Cloud Security

This past weekend, beta-phase PaaS offering PHP Fog was hacked and vandalized by a couple of teenagers, a situation that raises serious questions about cloud security. But the questions aren’t just about technology; the case also raises issues about who’s ultimately responsible for security breaches.

Jan. 14: What We’re Reading About the Cloud

Intel’s fourth-quarter earnings make up for the dearth of news elsewhere. There are so many questions about Intel’s future that one has to wonder if this might be the last record-setting quarter. The other links point to worthwhile analysis on Hadoop, Cloudant and cloud security.

Nov. 4: What We’re Reading About the Cloud

It’s a mixed bag today, ranging from the latest cloud statistics to Teradata’s growing revenues. In between, we have a questionable federal cloud-security roadmap, an interview with Hadoop creator Doug Cutting and, believe it or not, a rumor that VMware is working on Hyper-V support.

What’s Hindering Cloud Adoption? Try Humans.

Around the world, organizations and individuals are coming together to tackle technological hurdles in cloud computing. Various consortia are working on cloud standards and best practices, but it’s people, not technology, that could potentially represent the biggest obstacle when it comes to selling cloud computing.

Oct. 18: What We’re Reading About Infrastructure

With EMC in talks to buy Isilon and news of Dell’s DCS business only getting better, the future is all about lots and lots of cheap boxes. And speaking of the future, will all the post-M&A integration leave “supervendors” hamstrung as IT passes them by?