Climate change

“Now we have weather on steroids”

Sadly, if there’s anything that will help deliver more public support for clean technologies, and low carbon energy and transportation infrastructure, it’ll be people experiencing the direct and indirect of extreme weather.

A big lesson from climate science for entrepreneurs

Jonathan Koomey’s first essay in a series of four this week that highlights, and excerpts from, his upcoming book, “Cold Cash, Cool Climate,” which discusses how entrepreneurs and investors can profit from tackling climate change, one of this century’s greatest challenges.

Republican Goal: To Weaken Clean Power Laws

Renewable energy advocates like to say their causes are bi-partisan because they are fighting for cleaner energy and job creation. Not for many Republicans. In fact, some already are working hard to weaken regulations for adding more solar, wind and others.

Mapping Climate Change Using Google Earth

[qi:_earth2tech] How to visualize the colossal amount of data surrounding climate change? Al Gore squeezed a lot of info into 100 minutes…