Is Clearwire’s Only Option: Sell to Sprint?

The negative news surrounding Clearwire has taken a drumbeat-like quality making many worry about its fate. Today, word is that chairman Craig McCaw is leaving. What does this mean for the company? Is Sprint, Clearwire’s largest shareholder looking to make some future changing moves?

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of AT&T's New Pricing Plan

AT&T changed its mobile data plans today– ending the all-you-can-eat mobile broadband pricing for smartphones. AT&T’s pricing isn’t a great option for consumers over the long term, and can be punitive. It’s also inconsistent with managing user demand for broadband and preventing network congestion.


Everybody Hertz: The Looming Spectrum Crisis

Net neutrality may be the headline-making broadband battle in Washington these days, but there’s a far bigger battle brewing at the capital — conflict over access to spectrum. Federal Communications Commission chairman Julius Genachowski admitted during a visit to GigaOM’s office last month that he was surprised by the amount of time he spent learning about and dealing with spectrum policies. But as network-connected devices such as data cards, smartphones and network-connected gadgets from refrigerators to cars proliferate; the demand for spectrum could outstrip the supply.

When and Where to Find 4G in Q4

[qi:gigaom_icon_4G] Clearwire (s clwr), Comcast (s cmcsa) and Sprint (s s) today provided a timeframe of when during the fourth quarter of…

Takeover Rumors Swirl Around Clearwire

After its proposed WiMax partnership with Sprint (NYSE: S) fell apart last month, rumors about Clearwire’s future continue to get tossed aro…

Sprint And Clearwire Scrap WiMax Partnership

Sprint (NYSE: S) and Clearwire have called off their joint project to build a WiMax network, with the complexities of the deal and the depar…

Clearwire To Partner With ICO On DVB-H Trial

Clearwire (Nasdaq:CLWR) has announced a DVB-H trial with satellite communications company ICO Global Communications in Raleigh, N.C. The tri…