Citizen journalism

Syria, citizen journalism and the capital “T,” truth

Citizen journalism and social-media tools have made it easier to get information out of countries like Egypt and Syria, but in some cases these reports may not be true. Does that mean citizen journalism is unreliable? No. It just means we need to approach it differently.

Ombudsman’s gaffe is a sign of deeper problems in media

The firestorm of criticism that erupted over the New York Times public editor’s question about whether reporters should be “truth vigilantes” is a sign there is still a huge gap between what the mainstream media thinks its job is and what readers think.

Nick Kristof on Occupy and the rise of citizen journalism

Many traditional journalists see “citizen journalism” as a negative thing, an untrustworthy source of information that diminishes their role as gatekeepers of the news — but New York Times foreign correspondent and author Nick Kristof says that he sees the value of the phenomenon.

Libyans Turn to YouTube to Circumvent Media Blackout

Libya is blocking access to YouTube, and border guards have started to frisk people for camera phones. Still, plenty of clips from within the country show up online, offering us a glimpse at a country in turmoil that has been off limits to traditional journalists.

YouTube Direct Goes Local With Bay Area News Partnership

Local TV station ABC7 has partnered with YouTube to use its YouTube Direct tools to collect videos from citizen journalists for its local news. The partnership comes as YouTube has expanded its capabilities to make it easier for users to submit videos to news organizations.