Yup: HP’s buying Aruba for about $3B

Building Wi-Fi mojo

It’s true: Hewlett-Packard is buying Aruba Networks and its campus Wi-Fi expertise for about $2.7 billion, exclusive of cash, both companies said early Monday.…

Uh-oh! Intel and ARM both see slowdown ahead

Intel warned that its sales and capital spending would be down for the coming quarter. It’s not alone and its worries aren’t just about the PC market. ARM, Cisco and others are signaling that another tech downturn may be in the cards.

Cisco buys Virtuata to beef up VM security

Cisco Systems is buying Virtuata, a specialist in virtual machine security and will meld that company into its data center security group, led by David Yen. As virtualization of workloads proliferates across organizations and data centers, the need for VM security will only grow.

Cisco sees the mobile future and it’s in streaming

Cisco has read the mobile data tea leaves again, and it predicts that next year the global population of mobile users will switch to streaming the majority of their content from “the cloud.” This will represent a shift from downloaded and sideloaded content.

Cisco buying BNI Video for $99M in cash

Cisco has agreed to acquire startup BNI Video for $99 million in cash. The deal is the latest acquisition Cisco has made to bolster its Videoscape portfolio, and it will extend its offerings for enabling network operators to delivering IP video streams.

Cisco’s reorg: Reduce, re-align and reap the benefits?

Cisco’s massive restructuring plan appears to be working, as the company reported better-than-expected revenues and earnings in its fiscal fourth quarter. The plan is designed to simplify its sales and engineering teams by limiting the number of decision makers and aligning sales by region.

Six Key Principles of a Successful Acquisition Strategy, Part 2

After overseeing 75 acquisitions in 7 years at Cisco in the 1990s, then-CSO Mike Volpi helped the company become a role model for tech M&A and an acquisition-as-growth strategy. In this second post of a two-part series, he reveals four more strategies for smart acquisitions.

Six Key Principles of a Successful Acquisition Strategy, Part 1

After overseeing 75 acquisitions in seven years at Cisco in the 1990s, then-CSO Mike Volpi helped the company become a role model for tech M&A and an acquisition-as-growth strategy. In this two-part series, he reveals six ways companies can make sure their acquisitions create value.

Cisco’s Connected Cities Look for Business Models

Turning cities into networked hubs of efficiency: is the motivation behind Cisco’s connected city initiative. But the business models for how cities will make their connected worlds pay off financially isn’t quite clear. Cisco, for now wants to focus on building the infrastructure.

Pure Digital CEO Leaving Cisco; Was Flip Deal a Flop?

Less than two years after it bought the maker of the Flip video camera franchise for a cool $590 million, the former CEO of Pure Digital is heading for the exits. With Jonathan Kaplan’s departure, it’s time to review the acquisition.

The Mobile Tsunami Is Near: Blame Netflix & Apple

You think mobile data demand is big today, with 94 million smartphone shipped this year and 5 billion mobile subscribers? Well Cisco says it’s going to get a lot bigger by 2015, with worldwide mobile data traffic set to reach 6.3 exabytes per month.

Cisco’s Videoscape: Ready to Reinvent TV?

Cisco outlined an ambitious strategy for “reinventing TV” today at CES, with a new line of products that fall under the Videoscape brand. The only problem? The service provider partners that would buy the new products are happy with TV just the way it is, thanks.

Oprah Meets Her Kryptonite: Cisco’s Umi

Oprah Winfrey is the Midas of marketing, her endorsements the key to everything from countless books making the bestseller list to electing…

Video Tops P2P Filesharing Traffic: Cisco

Content providers may have finally found a way to battle peer-to-peer file sharing, by making their content easily available online. According to Cisco’s latest Visual Networking Index, video accounts for more than one-quarter of all network traffic worldwide, topping P2P traffic for the first time.

BNI Video Raises $16M to Turn Cable TV to IPTV

BNI Video, which hopes to provide a cloud-based video control plane enabling cable and IPTV providers to quickly roll out new video services, has raised $16 million from a group of investors led by Cisco, Comcast Interactive Capital and Time Warner Cable.

Breaking: Cisco Exec to Take Over as Skype CEO

Cisco Systems veteran Tony Bates is taking over as the CEO of Skype. He will replace Josh Silverman, who is leaving the company for undisclosed reasons. Bates’ hiring indicates that Skype is serious about its IPO plans.

Breaking: Cisco Exec to Take Over as Skype CEO

Cisco Systems veteran Tony Bates is taking over as the CEO of Skype. He will replace Josh Silverman, who is leaving the company for undisclosed reasons. Bates’ hiring is indicative that Skype is serious about its IPO plans.

The Return of the Tech Dividend

It says something about the state of the tech industry that one of the biggest stories in the sector this week is that Cisco is paying dividends to investors. Dividends aren’t unheard of in tech; however, Cisco’s news had that tipping-point feeling to it.

Here Come the Open Smart Grid Software Players

Now that the smart grid appears to be settling around Internet Protocol and open standards, software developers are emerging and taking a crack at making applications that are interoperable over networks and can enhance the power grid — like smart grid software developer Grid2Home.

How Can Cisco Compete in the New Digital Living Room?

Apple and Google may be making all the headlines over the future of the living room, but another tech giant seems to be missing from the connected TV conversation: Cisco. What would Cisco need to do in order to compete in the connected TV space?

Intel Warns! Is Something Wrong in Techland?

Intel warned that its revenues will be lower than expected in Q3 2010. Add to it tepid forecast from Cisco and slower than expected sales at wireless hardware companies, one has to wonder if the large technology companies are facing a different reality than start-ups.

The Zettabyte Era Is Getting Closer

Cisco is forecasting a fourfold increase in traffic traversing the Internet by 2014. At that time it estimates traffic on the web will reach 63.9 exabytes per month — or more than 3/4 of a Zettabyte — according to its annual Visual Networking Index.

Cisco's New Router Is All About Video

Cisco this morning unveiled a new routing system that it claims can download the entire printed collection of the Library of Congress in about a second. The hardware is designed to play a fundamental role as data consumption ramps up dramatically on fixed-line and wireless networks.

Cisco: The Mobilpocalypse Is Coming!!!!!

Cisco forecasts that by 2014 we will be using 3.6 exabytes per month on mobile networks worldwide, according to its Visual Networking Index figures released today. For those pondering an exabyte, it’s equal to 1 billion gigabytes or half a trillion MP3 files.

Cisco vs. All Comers

Cisco has been dominant in all types of networking devices for more than two decades, so its move into adjacent markets in order to expand its footprint beyond networking made perfect sense. What’s surprising is how flat-footed and weak the counterattacks from the competition have been.

Cisco to FCC: 5 Suggestions for the Smart Grid

The FCC plans to make recommendations for how the National Broadband Plan — due to the U.S. Congress on March 17 — should help shape the fledgling smart grid industry. Interested parties have been submitting their comments, including Cisco.

YouTube to Rent Movies?

YouTube (s GOOG) is in talks with Hollywood studios about renting movies through the video-sharing site, according to the Wall Street Journal‘s…

Twitter Report Card: Padmasree Warrior

Whether you like it or not, Twitter is changing the way people communicate, and digital media and technology companies are eager to harness…

iControl Gets $23M Thanks to Better Broadband

iControl Networks, a Palo Alto, Calif.-based startup working on broadband-based home security solutions, said today that it’s raised $23 million in third-round…

Why Amazon Will Make or Break Twilio

It’s true that Twilio just named successful Silicon Valley prognosticators Founders Fund and Mitchell Kapor as initial investors, but the real Twilio…

How Mobile Will Reach the Exabyte Age By 2012

Cisco today released the latest iteration of its Visual Networking Index, and forecast that mobile traffic worldwide would reach more than one exabyte per month by 2012. But while Cisco’s numbers validate my theory that the next big revolution in computing will be comprised of a combination of mobility, processing power and interactivity, it doesn’t get into what needs to happen in order for the Exabyte Age to commence. Currently the biggest roadblocks to the Exabyte Age are the carriers’ business models.

Trouble Returns to the Land of Telecom

Earlier this month, Cisco Systems came out with an unusually downbeat forecast. As a bellwether of the telecom and infrastructure sector, its gloomy outlook proves just how negatively affected the industry at large will be by the vise-like grip of the economic downturn.

At Cisco, Macroeconomic Reality Bites

Cisco Systems reports that revenue for the first quarter 2009 ending Oct 25, 2008 was $10.3 billion, approximately an 8% year-over-year increase. Cash generated from operations was $2.7 billion and earnings $2.2 billion or about 37 cents a share. But the forecast calls for pain.

Cisco Acquires Jabber Inc. For Enterprise IM

Cisco (NSDQ: CSCO) is expanding its software offerings with the acquisition of Jabber Inc., a provider of enterprise IM and presence service…

10 Things to Know and Hate About Metered Broadband

Since we’re getting in a huff over Comcast’s 250 GB cap, we thought it would be helpful to lay out why capping broadband is a bad idea today and a worse one for tomorrow, how it can benefit ISPs, and why it’s not really necessary on most networks. Check out our handy overview and links to our past coverage on the topic.

Does HD On a PC Screen Matter?

[qi:032] YouTube co-founder Steve Chen during an onstage chat at our NewTeeVee Live conference responded to our questions about video quality by…

Digital Dutchess on Hudson

Former offices of IBM Corp. offices have been rewired for broadband and are at the epicenter of a “Digital Dutchess” initiative, which…

Turbo-charging WiFi

BBC reports that efforts are currently underway to add more oomph to WiFi, and two competing technologies are proposing to get the…