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Chrome Show: When I’m 64 (bit, that is)

The latest Stable version of Chrome for OS X is finally 64-bit compatible. There’s no going back to 32-bit as Google is discontinuing support. Skype for the web is nearly here for Chrome OS and the NYC DOE has approved Chromebooks for use.

Chrome Show: Low-cost Windows laptops v. Chromebooks

After announcing its strategy to battle the value segment of laptops, Microsoft’s first efforts are here with a $199 laptop from HP. How will it do against Chromebooks? The included Office 365 Personal access and 15 GB of OneDrive storage won’t hurt.

Chrome Show: The Google I/O 2014 edition

The big Google I/O 2014 keynote is over and we’re dedicating this week’s podcast to all of the news we heard from Sundar Pichai and company. If you were expecting a lot of Chrome news, you didn’t quite get it.

Chrome Show: What. Is. Project. Athena?

Google I/O is next week and we expect to hear about or see some big changes in the Chrome OS user interface thanks to Project Athena. Meanwhile, Jolicloud thinks its Drive is the file explorer that will make Chrome better.

The Chrome Show: Who’s Scroogling who?

MIcrosoft’s latest Chromebook ads are amusing but also misleading. Is the company feeling some heat at the low-end of the market? Check our recommended extension that actually helps you manage your extensions. How meta!

The Chrome Show: How not to use a Chromebook

Chromebooks certainly have limitations, nobody would argue that. But suggesting that they’re a “brick” without a network simply isn’t accurate. We discuss this and some hints of a Tegra 4 Chromebook on this week’s Chrome Show podcast.

Chrome Show

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