Confirmed: Amazon is buying Annapurna Labs

Secretive startup finds a home

Amazon has indeed agreed to purchase Annapurna Labs, a super-stealthy Israeli company that is reportedly working on new chip technology. Talks were first…

Why Nvidia has to wait on the smartphone

Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang readily admits the lack of an integrated processor-modem is holding the company back in the smartphone market. Why? Integrated chips aren’t just easier to design around, they also consume less power.

Spurned by VCs, a chip startup turns to Kickstarter

It’s hard for chip startups to raise funding, but the demands of mobile and cloud computing are providing a window of opportunity for all kinds of innovative silicon-based designs. Thus, when Adapteva couldn’t find a VC backer, its CEO turned instead to Kickstarter.

Analyst says Intel lags behind Apple in mobile chips

Apple has a serious advantage over an unusual competitor in a market with lots of future potential, according to Piper Jaffray senior analyst Gus Richard in a research note published this week. Richard says that Apple’s know-how and direction in mobile chips trumps that of Intel’s.

Looks like ARM just won the smart TV war

Intel won’t be making any chipsets for smart TVs in the foreseeable future: The company has shut down its Digital Home Group, which was behind the chip that powers the Boxee Box and Google TV devices. However, Boxee and Google aren’t too worried.

ARM in acquisition talks: The rumor that doesn’t die

ARM Holdings is trying to quiet speculation again that the UK chip designer might be acquired, this time by Intel or Oracle. The company has been the focus of rumors before, and with the rise of mobile devices and the slow growth of computers, it’s understandable.

2020 via time machine: chips, devices, & tech

At the IEEE Technology Time Machine Symposium last week I listened to the world’s leading academics, engineers, executives, and government officials project what the world will look like in 2020. The future brings technology together for everything from enhancing the human experience to improving environmental sustainability.

MiaSole Turns to Intel for Manufacturing Tips

Intel is known for its ability to roll out chips speedily in giant factories. Can that knowledge help a solar startup? MiaSole announced Tuesday that it has enlisted the chip giant to help the company scale up its thin-film solar production.

Are Dual-Core Chips for Smartphones, Tablets or Both?

An HTC smartphone with multiple cores is reportedly in the works, based on results found from a benchmark testing website. A powerful chip — likely from Qualcomm — would be welcome in smartphones, but might be better suited to Android tablets compete against Apple’s iPad.

Apple After ARM? If So, This Means War

London newspaper the Evening Standard reported a very interesting rumor following Apple’s (s aapl) quarterly financial report Tuesday. According to the British paper, Apple is in talks with ARM Holdings (s armh), the U.K. company that designs the chip used in the iPhone, along with a huge percentage of the chips found in mobile devices in general.

With ARM Rate Hike, Its Battle With Intel Heats Up

ARM Holdings today said raised royalty rates for cores from its Cortex processor range. It’s a sign that ARM is confident it will build on its considerable momentum as our world becomes increasingly connected. With the move, the battleground of converged devices has heated up.

Qualcomm Invests in Open Source

Qualcomm (s qcom) has joined its rival Intel (s intc) in jumping aboard the open source bandwagon. The San Diego-based chipmaker today…

Chips Work Hard for the Money, Just Like Everyone Else

Many venture firms shy away from investing in chip startups because of the inordinately high cost and risk involved relative to other sectors. But some firms are still determinedly pursuing silicon by backing wireless chips containing radios that can work on multiple types of networks.