China Mobile

US mobile growth starts to stagnate

As the wireless industry in the US matures, new subscriber growth reaches its lowest level in a decade while traditional SMS revenues and traffic begin to decline, according to a new report. Like Europe and parts of Asia, the US market is getting saturated.

Why Apple needs a more worldly phone soon

Apple has doubled its share of the smartphone market in China in the last year. But it’s still really far behind Android — 70% vs 18%. Apple needs to do something about that. And the easiest way would be partnering with the world’s biggest carrier, China Mobile.

This is why Apple needs China

China Telecom, the No. 3 player in the Chinese mobile market, has managed to add 9 million subscribers in the third quarter and 26.4 million so far this year. No wonder mobile players such as Apple (AAPL) are so eager to get into the market.

IPhone 5 reportedly supports HSPA+ “4G” speeds

It’s not LTE, but Apple’s iPhone 5 will support HSPA+ mobile broadband technology, according to reports. That will let it take advantage of AT&T’s faster, so-called “4G” network in the U.S., which is actually a bridge to true LTE tech and uses HSPA+.

China Mobile and Apple talk 4G

The Chairman of China Mobile says he’s been talking with Apple about offering the iPhone and about 4G LTE technology. China Mobile is not yet a carrier of the iPhone, but a deal could potentially be in the offing, considering Apple’s recent laser focus on China.

China to hit 1B mobile subs next year

We get terribly excited that the U.S. will have more smartphones than feature phones later this year, but for real excitement and mobile madness, China is on track to surpass a billion mobile connections by May of next year. That’s big news for Google and Apple.

No LTE iPhone in 2011 Because There’s No LTE

The on-again, off-again rumor of an LTE iPhone is likely to remain off for the rest of 2011, according to the latest from DigiTimes, which reports yield rates of Qualcomm LTE chips as the problem. Of course, the real problem remains a lack of coverage.

10 Ways Phone Companies Are Going Green

Cell phone makers and carriers often like to tout their “green” accomplishments — like the bright green Reclaim phone partly made from bioplastic (yeah, that’s corn). But phone companies are also making some more serious moves. Here’s 10 ways that phone companies are going green.


U.S. Wireless Data Market, Q1 2009

The U.S. wireless data market grew 5 percent quarter over quarter and 32 percent from first quarter 2008 to reach $10 billion in mobile data service revenues. It marked the first time the U.S .market has achieved the $10 billion milestone. Given the strong growth in data revenues shown by the top carriers and the increase in service revenues overall, it appears that (at least for the time being) the worst is over for the mobile industry. In summary, the recession has been all but a tiny blip (from the service revenue perspective) in its growth trend, and the U.S. mobile market has weathered the downward spiral in the economy better than its counterparts in other developing nations.

Following 4G: The State of LTE

We have been following the emergence of 4G technologies pretty closely, including the looming battle between WiMAX and Long Term Evolution (LTE).…