Chetan Sharma

Sorry, carriers, 9 out of 10 tablets sold are Wi-Fi

Approximately 90 percent of all tablets in the U.S. relied on Wi-Fi over 3G mobile broadband last year, according to industry analyst Chetan Sharma. The data suggests that carriers aren’t a needed distribution chain for slates for several reasons: long-term contracts and redundant data plans.

Traffix gets $7M to solve mobile signaling challenges

Mobile handsets have a bad habit of oversharing with the networks they operate on, with some handsets being chattier than others. This signaling data, as it’s known in the industry, makes managing networks even more challenging, and Traffix wants to help operators handle it.

Mobile's Data Usage & Revenues Disconnect

Mobile data consumption continues to surge, as Chetan Sharma notes in his latest update of the U.S. mobile industry, but data revenues aren’t keeping pace. That explains why AT&T and Verizon — which dominate mobile the mobile data market — are moving toward metered billing.

Clash of the Titans in the Mobile Ecosystem

New devices, app stores and rising mobile broadband usage continue are changing the way consumers and businesses interact with the cellular infrastructure and even the Internet. This is causing power to shift from the carriers to other players — something carriers are unable to admit.

How the Recession Will Affect Wireless Data Spending

The recession won’t cut too deeply into wireless data spending in the U.S., according to data sent over last night by Chetan Sharma of Chetan Sharma Contulting. Sharma concludes that the rise in consumer smart phones mean that data spending by consumers will offset cuts in plans caused by increased job loss and data subscriptions paid for by the employer.