Charter communications

Verizon Exec: Still No Plan for Wireline Caps

A Verizon executive doesn’t foresee a need for broadband caps on the companies’ FiOS networks at the current time, despite other large ISPs such as AT&T, Charter and Comcast implementing them. Instead Verizon is talking up the idea of homes with 10 gigabit per second connections.

Bummer! AT&T Implements Broadband Caps

AT&T is planning to send out letters next week to notify subscribers about a coming broadband cap of 150 GB per month for DSL subscribers and 250 GB per month for U-Verse subscribers, says company spokesman Seth Bloom in an interview at SXSW.

Charter Follows Comcast With Broadband Usage Caps

Charter Cable plans to start enforcing monthly data caps on its users in December, according to a spokeswoman. The cable operator will also implement a congestion management plan similar to one designed by Comcast after it got in trouble with the FCC for blocking P2P files.

Big Cable Is Bleeding: 500K+ Subscribers Lost In Q3

There’s now even more evidence that subscribers are cutting the cord and opting out of paying for cable: By adding up subscriber losses from four of the top five cable companies, we found that more than half a million users have ditched their cable companies.

5 Ways Your Gadgets Will Betray Your Privacy

Conspiracy theorists might just be onto something after all. As we open up our homes and wallets to electronic devices, we’re also opening up our lives to surveillance. So before you head to the mall, hop in your car, fire up Facebook or pose for your drivers license photo, consider who might be watching. Continue Reading