Brightbox: A charging kiosk that keeps your phone safe

While charging stations are becoming more common, Brightbox hopes to differentiate itself by providing a secure box. It’s charging kiosks, which are popping up all over New York City, let you leave your phone unattended while you shop, eat or drink.

ABB Backs ECOtality as U.S. EV Charging Partner

Swiss grid giant ABB has put $10 million into car charging company ECOtality and linked a North American manufacturing agreement. Looks like ABB is picking its preferred winner for the U.S. car charging network to come.

Nissan, GE Link Smart Grid, Electric Car Forces

General Electric (s GE) and Nissan announced a partnership today to quantify the impact of electric vehicles on the power grid and research “smart charging,” or tech for controlling how electricity flows into vehicle batteries to minimize strain on the grid.

ZAP Licenses National Lab's Smart Charger

ZAP, the low-speed electric vehicle maker with a history of making (and breaking) ambitious promises, is looking to a government lab for “smart charging” tech. The system can vary the rate and time at which a car draws juice from the grid.