Mark Zuckerberg and the founder-as-CEO problem

Ever since Facebook stumbled with its IPO, there has been a constant drumbeat of criticism saying Mark Zuckerberg should step down as CEO — but Silicon Valley is devoted to the idea of strong founders retaining control of their companies. Will that be Facebook’s undoing?

Next up from EMC: Project Thunder flash appliance

EMC’s promised Project Lightning server-based flash storage product is now available under the VFCache brand. But EMC’s not done — it plans a bigger, more powerful flash appliance dubbed Project Thunder, due later this year. Both products take direct aim at the Fusion-IO threat.

Data-as-a-Service startup Infochimps swaps out CEO

Infochimps, the two-year-old company that runs a “data marketplace” where owners of datasets can charge for their usage, is swapping CEOs. Co-founder Nick Ducoff has stepped down from the CEO role, and the company is looking for a “seasoned executive” to take his place.

Infographic: An ode to Steve Jobs

Earlier, I wrote about Steve Jobs’ time as CEO by the numbers, but now here’s a visual look at his time in that role. This infographic presents a history of memorable moments and products in Jobs’ career, as well as a selection of some unforgettable quotes.

Stat shot: Steve Jobs CEO by the numbers

It’s impossible to quantify the effect Steve Jobs has had during his time as CEO of Apple, on computing, the market or our lives, but nonetheless, it’s fun to try. Here are some impressive numbers racked up by Jobs during his tenure.

The Current Succession Picture at Apple

Earlier, I suggested that while Steve Jobs’ medical leave may be unfortunate, it isn’t likely to derail Apple because the company has a strong executive roster. Here’s an in-depth look at that roster, with an eye to who might fill the CEO role in the future.

Apple Is No Trainwreck Without Jobs

Now that Apple CEO Steve Jobs is taking a second leave of absence for health-related reasons, it’s impossible not to wonder: Can Apple continue to be successful without its visionary leader? For the answer, look no further than the people who will lead in his stead.

How One Founder Found the Right CEO

I love this post, by founder-blogger Scott Converse about his experience trying to find the right CEO to run his company, ClickCaster.…