Cell phones

Open Garden raises $2M to create crowdsourced mesh networks

Open Garden, a small San Francisco startup that is helping users create and share their own personal mesh networks for PCs, Macs and Android devices, has raised $2 million from assorted angels. Open Garden is helping promote the idea of social wireless sharing.

Pro golfer doesn’t want to let cell phones play through

Golfer Phil Mickelson withdrew from The Memorial Tournament this weekend, and apparently cell phones –or people snapping pictures with them — were to blame. The bigger story is one of cell phones, etiquette and sporting events — something the Summer Olympics will bring to the fore.

Soon cell towers will start following you

Intucell is working with an unnamed North American operator to build a new kind of self-aware cellular network. Its self-optimizing network technology will transform today’s static cellular grid into a network of constantly expanding and shrinking cells that follow customers through the network.

India’s “missed call” mobile ecosystem

Imagine you want to use your cell phone to, say, order take-out food but you don’t want to pay for making the call, or a text message. The answer to that ultra-low cost question is India’s fascinating growth of the “missed call” ecosystem.

Cellular smart grid scores a win

Put one on the board for the cellular smart grid. Utility Consumers Energy announced that it will work with SmartSynch to roll out cellular-based smart meters for 1.8 million customers.

Windstream buys business phone company for $2.3 billion

Windstream, a Little Rock, Ark.-based phone and broadband company says it is buying PAETEC Holding Company of Fairport, N.Y. for $2.3 billion. On closing this deal, Windstream will have a bigger national footprint with a bigger fiber network to service the luractive business customers.

PayNearMe Expands Payment Options to the Unbanked

Silicon Valley start-up PayNearMe is addressing the 1/4 of households that don’t use credit cards and today, it’s rolling out four new options that ramp up the number of things consumers can pay with using cash.

Infographic: The Ultimate Cell Phone Plan Picker

Need help choosing a cell phone plan? It used to be easy but now that smartphone adoption is rising, there’s a wider wider range of considerations including available software applications, handset platforms, and the cost of a data connection. This guide should get you started.

The Ultimate Cell Phone Plan Comparison

Last week, Verizon discounted their voice plans. AT&T came out its own cheaper offerings. The two were simply matching what Sprint and T-Mobile USA have already been offering — cheap voice. BillShrink put together a graphical over view of all the cellphone plans. Check it out.

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