GoDaddy builds a CDN for small businesses

GoDaddy has been undergoing a transformation lately as it tries to become more valuable to its customers by providing higher-level services than just web hosting. Its latest product is a CDN that it claims can help significantly decrease pageload times for its small-business customers.

Should Netflix buy Spotify?

Netflix wants to sell you and all-you-can-eat subscription plan for movies and TV shows, Spotify wants you to pay a flat monthly fee for music. What if the two companies joined forces and used each other’s strength to grow their markets?

Which cloud and CDN is best for you? Ask Cedexis

A new visual dashboard by Cedexis provides a glimpse into what clouds and content delivery networks are performing best at a given point in time. Cedexis’ aims to help content owners pick the best infrastructure for their cloud workload on an ongoing basis.

Carriers must prepare for the flood of online video

It’s no secret that we’re watching more online videos. What’s not so well understood is just how dramatically this consumption will soon increase — and the pain that is going to inflict on Internet service providers. Alon Maor, the CEO of Qwilt, offers his solution.

Cisco powers video in the cloud with new Videoscape products

Cisco’s new Videoscape products announced at the 2012 CES will provide more functionality both for managing assets in the cloud, as well as new client-based technology for a wider range of connected devices. That will add new immersive features for pay TV subscribers.

Inside Comcast’s massive IP VOD network

Comcast has been boosting the number of VOD titles it has available. But behind the scenes, the technology enabling the VOD service is a new, IP-based distribution and delivery network. That means not just more content, but the potential for new services as well.

3Crowd rolling out its next-gen CDN, called XDN

3Crowd is preparing to roll out a new CDN product, called XDN (Exchange Delivery Network), which it promises will cut the costs of content distribution by “orders of magnitude,” and provide incremental revenues for the owners of network bandwidth and infrastructure that is otherwise unused.

Why Limelight’s big bet on EyeWonder didn’t pay off

Limelight Networks announced today that it is selling its EyeWonder ad unit to DG for $66 million in cash, a heavy discount from the $110 million in cash and stock that it agreed to pay for the business back in December 2009. So what went wrong?

Riverbed buys Zeus to dominate app-acceleration space

On Tuesday WAN-optimization specialist Riverbed announced that it is acquiring Zeus Technology for $110 million in a move designed to round out Riverbed’s web performance portfolio. It looks like Riverbed decided it needs more than WAN optimization to stay competitive in the cloud.

AT&T reboots its CDN for more capacity and storage

AT&T is making another big push into the CDN market, leveraging its existing network infrastructure along with CDN software from Edgecast to offer content delivery services to its large base of Fortune 1000 clients. The new offering will include a massive boost in capacity and storage.

The biggest market you’ve never heard of

As millions of consumers gained access to the Internet, new market opportunities emerged. But today, content is so heavy, and networks so overburdened, that more efficient use of the network is a critical behavior. This provides a new market opportunity for content optimization and CDNs.

How Apple’s Next AirPort Routers Could Make a Great CDN

There are signs that Apple’s Time Capsule and AirPort Extreme are poised for an updated, based on diminishing stock of the current models. Buzz is that the refresh will provide caching for software updates. But what if it provides media streaming caching, too?

Microsoft’s VidLab Shares Its Tricks to Killing Latency

Uploading video to the web can be a painfully long process even with a high-speed connection. I spoke with Shane Russell of Microsoft’s VidLab, who shared with me how his team delivers content to the Zune Marketplace and the Xbox LIVE service while slashing network latency.

3Crowd Lets Customers Roll Their Own CDN

For many web publishers, CDN costs are a fact of life and just the cost of doing business on the Internet. But technology startup 3Crowd believes that by enabling customers to build their own caches, it will be able to send CDN costs down to zero.

Akamai Inside: Creating a CDN for Enterprise Apps

Akamai has created a partnership with Riverbed Networks to improve the delivery of enterprise applications over both public and private networks, giving Akamai a foothold in the enterprise market as cloud computing heats up. It’s a response to the changes wrought by a more connected world.

Limelight Adds CMS to the Cloud With Clickability Buy

Limelight has spent the last few years acquiring pieces and tacking on new value-added services to its legacy CDN business. Adding a content management system like Clickability could make it even easier for its customers to manage and monetize digital media across their web properties.

Rackspace Shares Its CDN Love With Akamai

Rackspace and Akamai have entered into a relationship through which Rackspace will resell a wide range of Akamai’s CDN services across Rackspace’s business lines. The partnership appears to be another indicator that Rackspace is doing everything it can to put pressure on Amazon Web Services.

BT to Test Network Neutrality With Its Own CDN

BT has come under a good deal of criticism from net neutrality proponents for the launch of a new CDN service called Content Connect. But despite claims that the U.K. network operator is creating a “two-tier web,” BT is merely offering services that are already well-established.

Nov. 18: What We’re Reading About the Cloud

It was a bittersweet day: The FCC moved to Terremark’s cloud, while some discussed why users aren’t embracing it; Juniper bought Blackwave, which doesn’t bode well for CDNs; NetApp had a good Q2 but a questionable forecast; and Gear6’s fall means great product for Violin Memory.

Nov. 11: What We’re Reading About the Cloud

With computing figured out, the next frontier of innovation in cloud computing looks to be a t the network level. Today, for example, we see lots of competition for Akamai, AWS improving the upload process to overcome network reliability, and Extreme Networks winning VMware’s business.

Verivue Acquires CDN Technology Provider CoBlitz

Verivue is announcing that it acquired CDN technology firm CoBlitz, expanding its product portfolio beyond managed networks and giving it a new way to provide telcos and cable companies with CDN infrastructure to more effectively manage IP-based video traveling over their networks.

Clouds and CDNs: a Match Made in Heaven?

Not only are there numerous synergies between the content delivery and cloud computing markets, but the two are set to become increasingly intertwined, according to a new GigaOM Pro report. It’s a relationship both CDN and cloud providers are trying to cash in on.

Amazon CDN Grows Up, Adds Flash Streaming

When Amazon introduced its CloudFront CDN (content delivery network) last year, one of the knocks against the service was that it wasn’t primed for delivering video. That changed today, with the addition of video streaming capabilities in the form of Adobe’s Flash Media Server 3.5.

Akamai Expands Into Virtual Desktop Delivery

Network specialist Akamai (s akam) has developed a managed service for optimizing the delivery of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) over WANs. The…

FastSoft Tweaks TCP to Speed the Internet

FastSoft, a Pasadena, Calif.-based startup with $4.3 million in funding from Miramar Venture Partners and Caltech, has developed a device that sits between a router and the Internet (or any other wide area network) and ensures the faster, smoother delivery of data — without using an expensive content delivery network.

AT&T Makes Its CDN Move

[qi:_newteevee] AT&T today announced more details of its expected effort to enter the teeming content delivery network market, naming three software partners…