Carol Bartz

Mayer will draw her own Yahoo road map

Shock. Awe. Wow. Huh? All valid reactions to the last-minute plot twist in Yahoo’s search for its third CEO in the past 10 months: the hiring of Google star Marissa Mayer as president and CEO.

It’s official: Levinsohn interim Yahoo CEO, Loeb in

Scott Thompson’s mythical computer science degree not only took him down as CEO, it forced a board change, gave shareholder Daniel Loeb a way in and made the focus on how the company is run — not what it is doing. Can Ross Levinsohn change that?

Brand new CEO, same old messed up Yahoo

Yahoo has appointed a new CEO — Scott Thompson, a veteran of PayPal, a division of eBay, and he has his work clearly cut out for him. Despite choosing a new CEO, the company’s problems, including a troubled and toxic board, have not gone away.

Yahoo plus ABC: Big, important — and doomed

Yahoo and ABC announced a partnership that will see the two combine their news assets. Although it isn’t being described as a merger, it might as well be one — but is it going to work any online magic for either entity? It’s difficult to see how.

How Bartz Didn’t Help Yahoo Mobile

From her moment signing on as CEO, to the moment she informed her staff of her dismissal via an iPad, mobile has been a persistent force dur…

Yahoos didn’t much care for Carol Bartz

Carol Bartz, the deposed Yahoo chief executive wasn’t much of a hit with her employees and are approval rating has been sliding by the quarter, if you believe the data from employee ratings service, Glassdoor. This quarter she holds a 33% approval rating. Ouch!

Yahoo needs a new CEO. Who do they call?

What Yahoo needs is a product-oriented chief executive who has cut her/his teeth on the consumer Internet and has a clear idea of what the company’s product line-up looks like in an Internet that is primarily mobile. So who do you think is that person?

Painful or Not, Yahoo Is Doing What It Needs To

Some see Yahoo as a slow-motion train wreck, heading inevitably for disaster. But the company is arguably doing exactly what it has to: triage to stanch the bleeding, shutting down or selling off assets, and so on. It may not be pretty, but it is necessary.

Yahoo Is Afraid of Facebook — And It Should Be

Since they are both giant web companies with a search engine at their core, the assumption is that Yahoo competes primarily with Google. But the truth is that Yahoo has more to fear from Facebook — and Yahoo’s CEO Carol Bartz admitted as much on Tuesday.

Yahoo Explains Its Sales Shortfall

Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) CEO Carol Bartz acknowledged during the company’s conference call that neither the company’s search ad business or its di…

The Quotable Bartz: Yahoo Annual Meeting Edition

Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) CEO Carol Bartz got the typical — “your China policy needs reworking” — and not so typical — “you should go into polit…

Carol Bartz Is Right: Google Does Need to Diversify

Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz has been taking a lot of flak for saying in an interview with the BBC that Google needs to diversify its business, because it is still “99.9 percent search.” But you know what? She’s right. The search giant does need to diversify.

Carol Bartz Has Some Advice For Google

Plenty of people have pointed out that Google (NSDQ: GOOG) makes almost all its money from search. But given that Google’s revenue jumped 19…

Yahoo's Carol Bartz Hates Net Neutrality? Nope.

Yahoo’s CEO Carol Bartz slammed government involvement in broadband deployments, crappy consumer spending, and said she would would have taken Microsoft’s offer of $36 per share back in 2008, in an interview today on CNBC. However, she didn’t come out against net neutrality.

Yahoo Should Buy Hulu

Excerpted from GigaOM: New Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz is a solid, proven manager who will bring some much-needed stability to the beleaguered…

Why Yahoo Should Buy Hulu

With a new chief executive in the house, it is time for the beleaguered Internet company, Yahoo to make a bold move. Like buying fast growing online video service, Hulu. Sure it isn’t going to be cheap, but it will be money well spent and will add a new zing to the company in more ways than one.

From Yang To Bartz: The Market’s Verdict

It’s no secret that Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) stock was pummeled during Jerry Yang’s stint as CEO. But how has it fared since Yang announced he was…

7 Reasons Why Carol Bartz Is Right for Yahoo

Yahoo says that Autodesk’s former Executive Chairman Carol Bartz is taking over as the CEO, a major step forward for the beleaguered Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company. I agree with the choice, but she has her work cut out for her. Here are seven reasons why Bartz is the one to fix Yahoo and clean up its mess.