Car 2.0

Ford Rolls Real-Time MPG Feedback Into MyFord Touch

Ford announced Thursday that the navigation system in vehicles with MyFord Touch (an interface that provides easy access and controls for Ford’s onboard communication system, Sync) will let drivers select a route that prioritizes not only distance or time, but also efficiency.


The App Developer’s Guide to Working with Ford Sync

What if your car functioned more like a smartphone, with a web connection and an open platform on which developers could build applications to help drivers use fuel (and down the road, electricity) more efficiently? That’s part of the idea for truly connected cars in the era of Car 2.0 — and with Ford’s announcement this week we got a glimpse of how the concept will unfold in the real world. We spoke with Ford’s chief of connective services to get a better idea of some of the opportunities (and challenges) that lie ahead for app developers eyeing automotive platforms.

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