MIT offers a new programming language for the visual web

MIT released Halide, a programming language that makes it easier to process photos without resorting to slow, custom algorithms. Halide might be the software equivalent of a sewing machine for sites such as Instagram that previously had to stitch their imaging processing code by hand.

Sony Xperia Ion lands on AT&T LTE network June 24

Sony has been on a quest to climb back into the U.S. handset market, and this month it’s introducing an imaging powerhouse that may help it accomplish that goal. AT&T will start selling Sony’s first U.S. LTE smartphone, the Xperia Ion, on June 24 for $100.

Mobile photo boom: The best is yet to come?

A recent survey found the vast majority of photo enhancing and editing is done on a computer: just 15 percent of smartphone owners take and edit photos on their mobile device. This is good news for the growth opportunities of Instagram and other mobile photo apps.

Camera+ gets API for easier sharing of edited photos

One of the most popular camera apps on the iPhone, Camera+, is rolling out a significant update Wednesday. It will add improved sharing and UI tweaks and introduce its first API, making photos taken and edited with it easier than ever to integrate with other apps.

Why iPhonegraphy works: Convenience

The trends have been in place for a while — sales of standalone cameras are in decline thanks to the growing popularity of camera phones. No amount of whiz-bang technology can compete with convenience. It is also redefining photography, thanks to network connections and apps.

Mobile photo editing tools push point-and-shoots closer to the brink

Aviary, a maker of mobile photo editing tools, is introducing an update to its four-month-old mobile software development kit today with more effects, better controls and high-resolution output. Can photo editing tools hasten the demise of point-and-shoot cameras? Aviary thinks so.

iOS 101: 5 tips for taking better iPhone pictures

There’s an old adage: The best camera is the one you have with you. These days, the camera most people have with them is their mobile phone. Here are some tips to help you take better photos with your iPhone, which likely seldom leaves your side.

iPhone Camera App Roundup: I’m Ready for My Closeup

A good camera app these days should not only take pictures, but allow the photographer to immediately edit and share them. Here are seven apps that aspire to be the be-all and end-all on your iPhone, and my opinion of which best succeed in that task.

How-To: Import iPhone Images When iPhoto Fails

From SMS messages to saved images in Safari, there are dozens of iOS apps that create photos, not even including Apple’s camera app. When things go well, iPhoto can transfer these images to your Mac’s library. But what if certain photos refuse to leave your iPhone?

How-To: iPhone HDR

The iPhone has a great little camera, but it’s got serious limitations. Accurately capturing a scene with a wide range of light is nearly impossible…unless, of course, you resort to HDR. It’s a really simple process that anyone with an iPhone can pull off.