As the article stated, many traditional outlets are viewing Twitter purely as a means to promote their content. What they seem to be overlooking is that Twitter is where stories often originate and develop (Ferguson, ISIS, ALS Ice Bucket Challenge etc). Paying attention to ‘social’ isn’t about giving people what…

As the article stated, many traditional outlets are viewing Twitter purely as a means to promote their content. What they seem to…

How the News Got Less Mean

How the News Got Less Mean Has social media made the news toothless? That’s the charge made by Time reporter Eliana Dockterman in conversations…

Reddit raising venture financing? It would be crazy not to

Reddit, the online community that gained fame last year for a Q&A with President Obama, is said to be raising venture funding that could value the company at $400 million — and would give it ammunition to compete with other new-media players such as BuzzFeed and Tumblr.

Why Tumblr and BuzzFeed are on a collision course in 2013

BuzzFeed has built the site from just a repository for animated cat GIFs into a substantial media entity, and just raised a new round of financing — and Tumblr also has a fairly deep war-chest and dreams of expansion. And both are aiming at the same targets.

For some companies, confusion in app-land equals money

Growing number of mobile apps on multiple mobile platforms made by the likes of Google and Apple means that app discovery has become a major challenge. For some companies, including the newly reborn Digg, now part of Betaworks, that represents an opportunity.

BuzzFeed chooses editor for longform journalism

Viral news site BuzzFeed has selected one-time Spin editor Steve Kandell to oversee its plans to expand its selection of New Yorker-style longform pieces. The move promises more prestige for BuzzFeed but it’s too soon to say if it makes good business sense.

7 stories to read this weekend

Hurricane Sandy has been on the mind of everyone this past week. Here are some stories about raccoons, Australia, China, baseball and the U.S. post office, that might give you some momentary distraction from what has been a tragic week.

Zowie! BuzzFeed launches nostalgia channel

Viral site BuzzFeed has a new retro-channel that taps into nostalgia cravings. The new vertical shows once again how BuzzFeed’s content and advertising savvy are pushing it to the front ranks of media powers.

Bleacher Report and the evolution of the content farm

The purchase of the sports-blogging site Bleacher Report by Turner Broadcasting unit fills a content hole for the Time Warner unit, but it is also a validation of the user-generated-content model behind the sports-blogging network, and a sign of the disruptive effects that model can have.

Patent troll tries to saw BuzzFeed over video ads

A shell company says it owns the right to insert certain types of ads into online videos. Its lawsuit against popular viral site Buzzfeed shows how the problem of “patent trolling” is touching every part of the technology and media industry.

The Ingram 5: Media’s top innovators

The annual paidContent 50 list ranks media companies based on digital revenues. But revenues aren’t the only thing to watch. Here are the five media companies that I think have most interesting, innovative strategies.

What the mainstream media could learn from BuzzFeed

While many still associate BuzzFeed with photo galleries of kittens and other web ephemera, the network has grown into a substantial digital-media entity, and an internal memo from founder Jonah Peretti has some lessons that other media outlets would be wise to pay attention to.

Does social beat search, or does “peacocking” get in the way?

Most people want to share content that makes them look good — a concept that Gravity CEO Amit Kapur called “peacocking” at paidContent 2012 this afternoon. Sometimes that urge is a good thing, but sometimes it gets in the way of delivering a truly personalized online experience.

BuzzFeed’s Peretti: Design engaging ads made for sharing

Jonah Peretti, BuzzFeed’s co-founder, spoke at Ad Age’s Digital Conference and talked about how it’s helping usher in the transition from search to social. He said the new standard in advertising is ads that are engaging and are ripe for sharing.

The lesson of BuzzFeed: Media companies are everywhere

Can BuzzFeed turn itself from a silly meme-generator into a serious media outlet by hiring journalists like Politico writer Ben Smith? If the meteoric rise of the Huffington Post has shown us anything, it’s that new media entities can spring from the most unlikely of sources.

BuzzFeed Opens Up Access to Its Viral Dashboard

BuzzFeed, which tracks online topics that have gone viral, is offering a version of the analytics dashboard that the site uses to monitor the spread of these Internet “memes” to any website, brand or publisher that wants to track the popularity of their online content.