Where to watch CES live online

Want to catch all the action at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, but didn’t make it out to Las Vegas? Don’t worry: Many of the keynotes and press conferences are streamed live online, and numerous outlets have set up their own show floor live feeds.

iPad in the Enterprise: Where Business Meets Consumers

The iPad is doing well among enterprise customers, and for good reason. It facilitates the interaction of businesses and clients. Two new use cases show that, regardless of what you’re using for internal communications, the iPad is where it’s at for client-focused technological initiatives.

Keeping the Powder Dry: What Will Apple Buy?

Steve Jobs said yesterday that Apple plans to “keep our powder dry” for “one or two” strategic acquisitions in the future. He was referring to the $50 billion in cash assets Apple is currently sitting on. But what fight is he gearing up for?

Business Uses for the iPad

I put myself squarely in the “Working Mac User” category. My MacBook sees daily use in an Enterprise. I freelance write about…