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Tableau hits the $100M revenue mark in third quarter

Tableau continues to grow at a fast pace, hitting the $100 million mark for the first time in the third quarter. Although there are plenty of startups willing to point out its weaknesses, Tableau has lots of room to grow and the money to do it.


The transformative CIO, part 1

CIOs can create and sustain the leadership role and functional IT department needed to foster innovation and execute on visionary change. Such a transformation can be substantially completed within two years.

Hadoop analytics startup Platfora raises $38M

Platfora has raised an impressive $38 million third round of venture capital in order to grow its next-generation analytics product designed to run on Hadoop data. The company has lots of momentum and a cool product, but also lots of entrenched competition.


William McKnight

William McKnight is an Analyst for Gigaom Research who takes corporate information and turns it into a bottom-line producing asset. He’s worked with…


Growing new revenue streams by externalizing your data

In this webinar, we’ll talk about how you add data analytics to your product and then sell that as a service to your customers. We will look at some of the challenges to consider when you go down this path, such as data privacy laws around customer data and the integration challenges of connecting many different data sources.


Proactive compliance: Using big data analytics to manage human risks

Chief information officers (CIOs), chief security officers (CSOs), and those who manage security and compliance need to understand the changing dynamics around data security as well as the technology choices that banks and other financial institutions must make in the coming 18 to 24 months. This paper focuses on these issues and highlights the questions they must answer.


Private PaaS: the next generation platform for enterprises

How do you make PaaS work for your enterprise? The answer lies in understanding new models of delivery, such as private PaaS. An enterprise needs a good understanding of its requirements, and this paper aims to help business managers find the best path to understanding and deploying this technology.


How big data analytics drives competitive advantage

Few companies today have the time or the analytics expertise to apply statistics and complex data modeling to regular or even daily business decisions and operations. Now, however, an ecosystem of companies is emerging to fill this need.


How to manage big data without breaking the bank

In the tsunami of experimentation, investment, and deployment of systems that analyze big data, vendors have seemingly been trying approaches at two extremes—either embracing the Hadoop ecosystem or building increasingly sophisticated query capabilities into database management system (DBMS) engines.For some use cases, there appears to be room for a third approach that lies between the extremes and borrows from the best of each.

Plotting a BI coup, Hadoop startup Platfora raises $20M

Less than a month after unveiling its Hadoop analytics engine to great fanfare, Platfora has raised $20 million to realize its mission of displacing the business intelligence and data warehouse incumbents. It’ll need every dime: although the competition is old, it’s also rich, entrenched and determined.

Platfora shows a whole new way to do business intelligence on big data

Analytics startup Platfora is finally showing off its next-generation business intelligence software to the world, combining Hadoop, in-memory processing and HTML5 into an impressive product. It’s entering a competitive market full of large incumbents and other innovative startups all trying to change how we do BI.

Batten down the analysts, it’s a big data-BI storm

Hadoop is getting closer to business intelligence thanks to a slew of new products ranging from a SQL database built atop Hadoop to an appliance packaging the two alongside a full complement of servers. On Wednesday, Birst, Teradata and Splice Machine got into the act.

Hadapt hints at the future of Hadoop and BI

Hadoop startup Hadapt has made its unified Hadoop-and-SQL analytic architecture even easier by adding native advanced analytic functions and integrating tightly with Tableau’s powerful BI software. It’s a sign of things to come as Hadoop and traditional SQL-based BI become cozy across the board.


Making Big Data Analytics Pay

Telcos and communications service providers (CSPs) are facing rapidly shrinking margins, competition from Over the Top providers and rising investment costs, which is putting tremendous pressure on their network analytics departments to do something!

How Birst thinks it can make data warehouses useful again

Analytics startup Birst thinks it can make data warehouses more useful by letting business users inside of them. Its new Distributed Business Analytics product puts departmental sandboxes right inside the warehouse, letting users interact with all the data they need from a central location.

InfoArmy mobilizes the crowd to build business intelligence reports

Jim Fowler, who sold his crowd-sourced business contact data company Jigsaw to Salesforce for $175 million in 2010, is back and he’s applying a crowd-sourced model to competitive intelligence, using a team of freelance researchers to build business reports on private companies.


The importance of putting the U and I in visualization

Ask a venture capitalist about big data and she will probably tell you about visualization. Only it won’t be visualization in the usual sense. Instead, it will be about visualization of the user interface. We’re talking about strikingly intuitive UIs that let users visually work with data using charts and tools instead of with algorithms and code. It’s hard work to do right — especially when you’re talking about massive data sets and complex computations — but the payoff could be huge for businesses.

Birst raises $26M for BI that straddles SaaS and servers

Birst, a San Francisco-based business intelligence company with its roots in the cloud, has raised $26 million from Sequoia Capital, Hummer Winblad and DAG Ventures. The new money comes as Birst tries to become a BI heavyweight by pushing its way into the software world, too.

Kontagent turns data mining into SaaS for mobile apps

Social and mobile analytics startup Kontagent has expanded its business to include a data-mining service powered by Hive, the SQL-like interface for querying data stored within Hadoop. It’s a smart move by the company, and one that other cloud-based analytics providers would be wise to replicate.

Square’s Register and the return of the mom-and-pop shop

Square is giving small vendors the tools to make intelligent decisions with the same sort of inventory management and analytics data that larger competitors take for granted. And it has the potential to make an even greater impact than its payment processing piece has made.

Pentaho changes ETL license for big data push

Pentaho is moving its business intelligence tools to the Apache license to make them more compatible with big data technologies that already operate under that license. Pentaho’s Kettle extract, transform, load (ETL) technology was previously available under the LGPL or lesser Gnu General Public License.

7 steps for business success with big data

Big data has become a big buzzword. But for companies to benefit from it, they need more than technology – they need a plan. Consultant Chad Richeson has developed seven steps to help business leaders make sure their big data strategy delivers the results they want.

MicroStrategy bets big on Facebook data

If businesses have any doubt about the importance of Facebook data, they should talk to MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor. MicroStrategy makes business intelligence software that companies use to sift their way through data and visualize trends. But their data is worth less without Facebook data.

Like your data big? How about 5 trillion records?

1010data says it now hosts more than 5 trillion records for its customers. If 1010data’s growth is a microcosm of the greater market, it’s no wonder there’s so much excitement around scalable data stores such as Hadoop, NoSQL databases and massively parallel analytic databases.

Why Oracle bought big data veteran Endeca

Oracle has acquired Endeca, a Cambridge, Mass.-based big data vendor specializing in analyzing and providing business intelligence for unstructured data. For Oracle, Endeca, which has been around since 2001, represents an expansion of the big data focus it unveiled at its OpenWorld conference earlier this month.


Buying into big data appliances

The term “big data” raises images of engineers figuring out how to run their systems at scale and monitor them. Some might argue that, as big data catches on with mainstream customers, hardware vendors are trying to take the guesswork out of that process. But vendors pushing appliances tell another story. Already, Oracle, EMC, Dell, HP, IBM, Teradata and Kognitio are among those pushing big data appliances designed for Hadoop, massively parallel databases, online transaction processing and/or other analytic workloads. Does this momentum suggest they’re onto something about how big data software must be delivered, or just that they smell an opportunity to turn a profit?

Birst tries to prove SaaS doesn’t need the cloud

Birst is taking the cloud out of its SaaS BI offering with a new deployment option that lets customers run the product in their own data centers. The company says its virtual appliance delivers all the benefits of traditional cloud-hosted SaaS without, well, the cloud part.

Direct from France, a new take on analytics in the cloud

A French startup called We Are Cloud thinks it has taken cloud-based BI to the next level with a feature called QueryBlender that lets users combine live data sets to let users better make sense of their business by analyzing disparate data points against one another.

IBM Ups Big Data Bet with New Software, $100 Million in Research

IBM showed how it will ride the growth of Big Data to continue its momentum into the future. IBM announced a $100 million investment for future data analytics along with new services and software aimed at helping improve data analysis and new services for IT professionals.

IBM Targets the Future of Social Media Analytics

IBM today announced a new product dedicated to helping customers perform sentiment analysis of social media data, as well as a new program with the Yale School of Management’s Center for Customer Insight to train students in advanced data analysis skills.


Defining Hadoop: the Players, Technologies and Challenges of 2011

Hadoop will continue its trek to mainstream adoption in 2011. Companies of all types and in all geographic regions likely will be advancing or beginning their big data efforts in the coming months and years, and many will benefit from some hand-holding and technological assistance into this brave new world.

Big Data, Meet Business Intelligence

BI vendor Jaspersoft has expanded its software’s support to include pretty much the entire gamut of big data tools available. There might not be much business demand for all these connectors right now, but it’s wise for Jaspersoft to establish its presence in this area early.

Got Big Data? You’re Gonna Need a Faster Network.

Mobile-app-analytics startup Flurry is upgrading its data center network with Arista Networks 10 GigE switches, a move designed to improve network performance as Flurry continues to add both terabytes and nodes to its big data system. Is the network the hardware superstar in big data environments?

How Splunk Is Riding IT Search Toward an IPO

Anyone who’s walked the exhibition floor of a large IT tradeshow might recognize Splunk for its cleverly emblazoned T-shirts and bumper stickers. But beyond quirky sayings, there’s real value in Splunk’s IT search and monitoring product — so much so that it’s planning an IPO in 2012.

Get Business Intelligence Ready for the Real-Time Web

If you’ve been wondering why Enterprise 2.0 hasn’t taken off like it should, maybe it’s because companies have forgotten about business intelligence. Netvibes CEO Freddy Mini analyzes BI’s failure to adapt to the real-time web and offers a glimpse into what future of BI should be.

5 Free Business Intelligence Crunchers for Your 2010 Arsenal

Business Intelligence (BI) applications have been growing in sophistication for years, and while historically many of the best ones were expensive, tough-to-use tools, there are now numerous easy, free, open-source alternatives. Here are five that can help you better understand your business.