Who Will Buy Brocade?

Brocade (s brcd), which makes switches and storage networking gear that connect servers to the storage and communications networks inside data centers,…


If We Compute in the Cloud, We Need a Network Fabric

Before virtualization, when it came to corporate computing, companies kept their data in a box. When someone needed the data, a request was sent out over the network and routed to that box. The information was then sent back over the same path. But as boxes became more powerful, the amount of processing power they had and work they did didn’t really take advantage of that improvement in performance. So some companies virtualized the hardware, making one box look like many virtual machines. But as where data is stored becomes more fluid, virtualization has pushed further into the data center infrastructure; the network fabric, or virtualized I/O, is the latest innovation to emerge.

Lexus Gives GOOD News

Nowadays, everyone who’s anyone in corporate America is throwing their advertising dollars in one of two directions: hip little branded web series…