Dear Samsung, please stop making stuff up about 5G

Samsung has become the latest company to play fast and loose with 5G. It may have produced some impressive technology but it’s doing itself a huge disservice by conflating its accomplishment with technology that doesn’t yet exist.

Why Broadcom wants to be the smarts in your next smartphone

Broadcom is generally known for its wireless technology prowess, but don’t be surprised to see the company be the chip that puts the smarts in your smartphone or tablet. It signed a licensing agreement with ARM to design and build powerful application processors on Tuesday.

Forget custom rims. Hyundai is pimping rides with Ethernet

There are multiple networks inside today’s cars, controlling everything from the power windows to switching gears in the transmission. Broadcom hopes to replace all of those disparate systems with a unified in-car Ethernet network and its recruiting automakers like BMW and Hyundai to its cause.

Here comes Opus: a new, open audio codec

Bringing plugin-free voice and video chat to the browser just got a little easier: Mozilla and the Xiph Foundation officially released version 1.0 of their open and royalty-free Opus audio codec Tuesday. The codec could also be used by music services like Spotify.

Wi-Fi Alliance begins certifying Passpoint devices

The Wi-Fi Alliance is now inviting vendors to submit their handsets and access points for Hotspot 2.0 certification. If they pass muster, they will receive the Alliance’s Passpoint stamp of approval, meaning they should be able to connect automatically to other Passpoint gear.

When DVRs sleep, do they dream about energy-saving chips?

High-def digital video recorders, which can use as much power as a small refrigerator, are about to become a lot more efficient, thanks to chip innovations that put these devices to sleep. But will your cable company let your set-top box get the best sleep possible?

Multi-gigabit Wi-Fi is here and 5 reasons it matters

Broadcom is expected to show off silicon that offers 1.3 gigabit Wi-Fi at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show to help prepare home networks for the era of whole-home video streaming. The multi-gigabit Wi-Fi offers a 2x improvement over today’s top Wi-Fi data rates.

ARM launches ultra-power-efficient processing

On Wednesday, processor licensing company ARM announced that it has designed an ultra efficient processor core, the Cortex-A7, as well as an energy-efficient method of processing that jumps back and forth between two processors to minimize the energy use of the phone.

It’s a Weird, Wireless World: Why Nvidia Wants Icera

If you didn’t think computing’s future was both visual and mobile, then Nvidia’s decision to buy wireless radio startup Icera clinches it. The $367 million cash deal is setting Nvidia up for a competitive battle with Qualcomm in the mobile application processor market.

Better Location Tracking — From Russia, With Love

The next generation of navigation chips for mobile phones may take advantage of Russia’s answer to GPS. Qualcomm, Broadcom and ST-Ericsson are reporteadly building GPS chips with support for Russia’s Glasnoss satellite system, which could improve location tracking inside devices, especially in urban areas.

Broadcom to Buy Beceem in a Bid for 4G Dominance

Broadcom is getting into the 4G cellular radio game with its planned acquisition of chipmaker Beceem announced today. Broadcom, which makes a variety of radios used ion cell phones, computers and other electronics said it will pay $316 million for the Santa Clara, Calif.-based startup.

Broadcom Brings Hulu to Any Connected TV

Want to watch Hulu on your TV set? All you need is a Wi-Fi dongle and a computer with some software supporting Broadcom’s Inconcert Maestro API. Broadcom demoed this new technology for the first time in the U.S. yesterday, and we’ve got a video of it.

Will Near Field Communications Rise From the Dead?

Near Field Communications, a point-to-point communications technology that can send data a few inches, is back. Yesterday Nokia said it would embed NFC chips in all of its phones and Broadcom said it would spend $47.5 million on a company with NFC expertise.

Broadcom Bets on New Bluetooth Tech for Mobile Health

Mobile health-care devices and applications are expected to surge in the next several years as smartphone connectivity comes to a host of medical and fitness gadgets. Like chip makers Texas Instruments and CSR, Broadcom is betting that Bluetooth’s low energy draw will help drive the segment.

Are You Ready for Bluetooth 3.0 + HS? Broadcom Is.

Bluetooth 3.0 + HS brings faster transfer speeds and better power management to mobile devices. Broadcom is already jumping on board with the new specification and already has compliant chips. Can you say wireless transfers at 24 Mbps?

Viva La Wi-Fi!

Wi-Fi was hot last year and it’s only getting hotter in 2010 as the availability of personal hotspots such as the Mi-Fi and the rise of the Direct Wi-Fi standard mean that putting a Wi-Fi chip in anything makes the device more useful.

Broadcom Goes Open Source to Push HD Voice

[qi:081] Broadcom (s brcm) is hoping to lower the price of high-definition VoIP services by taking its BroadVoice codecs open source. But…

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Semiconductor Forecasts Predict Cheaper Gadgets Ahead

wo industry analyst firms issued revised semiconductor sales forecasts today that illustrate the poor economy’s affect on the semiconductor value chain, with one from Gartner shaving $25.5 billion off sales of chips in the coming year. That’s gonna sting, even when the revised total is still $$282.2 billion in sales for 2009. The other was a report from IDC will lower its PC-chip shipment forecast for next year.

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The New iPhone's New Winner

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Too Many Signals: Delivering Wireless HD Video

Like Everest, the goal of wirelessly delivering high-definition video without compression may not be necessary, but it’s there, so technologists have to attempt it. Here are the three biggest wireless technologies aiming to deliver high-def video to your TV.