Why Plastic Logic failed — despite the e-book boom

Ten years ago, Plastic Logic looked like it had all the elements in place to become a world-beating startup. Now it’s ditched its attempts to become a household name and decided to focus on licensing its technology instead. So where did it all go wrong?

Social net sifter DataSift adds $7.2M to its war chest

Businesses are hungry to understand more about the public perception of their products and services by tapping social networking sources. That demand is why DataSift, which sorts through tons of social network data, garnered $7.2 million in additional funding from existing backers.

Roku adds BBC iPlayer to bolster UK launch

Roku has filled a vital gap in its lineup by announcing the addition of a channel for the BBC’s popular iPlayer service, just as it starts shipping its media streaming boxes to Britain for the first time.

How the Daily Mail became the web’s biggest newspaper

Britain’s Daily Mail has eclipsed rivals including the New York Times to become the web’s biggest newspaper. But other media companies hoping to emulate its success will have their work cut out — unless they’re prepared to play fast and loose with the normal rules of journalism.

Yes Virginia, Big Brother is following you on Twitter

As Britain ponders a crackdown on social media and uses facial recognition to try and identify looters, it reinforces the fact that spending more of our time on public networks such as Twitter and Facebook gives police and governments even more ability to observe our behavior.

Britain Learns the Power of Twitter and the Streisand Effect

If there’s one thing a real-time network like Twitter is good at, it’s distributing information, regardless of whether those who control that information want to see it distributed or not — as a British football player who is suing Twitter has found out to his chagrin.

Brits Force Facebook to Add a Panic Button for Children

Facebook has agreed to allow British users to install a “panic button” application that will allow younger users to report harassment or abuse to a child protection agency. British police forces and child advocacy groups have been pressuring the site for months to allow the application.