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Finally: Feds deliver road map on solar zones

The federal government hopes to ease controversy with the development of a road map that identifies 285,000 acres of public land that will make the best locations for solar energy development in six western states.

What solar startup BrightSource is up to post-IPO plans

Now that solar startup BrightSource Energy has ditched its IPO plans, some might think the company has dropped off the radar. But there’s actually some interesting things — some positive, some not so positive — going on with the company this week. Check out this latest news:

When donuts trump clean energy

Greentech investor Nancy Pfund — who I once called the most successful and positive greentech investor you haven’t heard of — can’t always be positive. Her fund’s portfolio company BrightSource pulled its IPO plans in the same week that Dunkin’ Donuts raised a secondary offering.

Gas farming startup Luca to withdraw its IPO

The second greentech startup that had planned an IPO this month has now withdrawn its plans citing market conditions. Luca Technologies, a startup which uses biotech to produce natural gas via microbes in coal beds, announced that it intends to withdraw its IPO plans.

The details of Google’s solar thermal research

After a couple of years under development, Google has shut down its project to design its own solar mirrors for a centralized solar thermal farm. Now it’s the job of researchers and solar execs to see if there’s anything to use from Google’s solar research.

The fate of 9 giant solar farms in Cali

It was roughly a year ago when the California Energy Commission approved nine solar farms all within a few months in order to make sure those projects could qualify for a federal program that subsidizes 30 percent of their costs. Where are they now?

BrightSource’s solar steam project went way over budget

Solar thermal startup BrightSource recently finished building a solar-to-steam farm for oil giant Chevron, which will enable Chevron to use steam from the solar farm for enhanced oil recovery. But according to a filing from BrightSource, that project ended up costing significantly more than BrightSource expected.

Are there more Solyndras out there?

Are there other Solyndras waiting in the wings that could one day lose over a billion in funds to failed green technologies? Well, there are a couple of other green startups that have raised similarly massive private funds and DOE support.

Genomatica files for IPO for making green chemicals

Green chemical developer Genomatica has filed for an initial public offering to seek up to $100 million, according to its government filing on Wednesday. The company engineers processes to create chemical from renewable sources for making a variety of products, from clothing to auto parts.

PHOTOS: Chevron’s solar to steam project

Curious about what a project that concentrates the sun’s rays and turns them into steam looks like? Here’s photos of Chevron’s solar to steam project, which uses tech from BrightSource, and with a plan to use the steam for enhanced oil recovery.

The road is long & hard for giant solar farms

A year ago, California and federal regulators were busy reviewing and signing off on giant solar farms. Now, the pace has slowed considerably as fewer projects are up for review and uncertainty over federal subsidy programs loom.

Solar companies learn to play nice with environmentalists

As more solar farms arise in the sunny corners of the U.S., it’s inevitable that solar developers will have to play ball with environmentalists. First Solar and SunPower announced an agreement with the environmental groups to add thousands of acres near their projects for wildlife protection.

The tale of two IPOs: cleantech vs social media

While the greentech IPOs that have happened in the past year have fared decently, they’re no comparison to many of the public debuts in the works by social media companies. Zynga’s reported potential $2 billion raise could deliver five times Tesla’s combined IPO and follow-on offering.

Why the LinkedIn IPO Is Bad for Cleantech

Amidst all of the champagne cork-popping, and bubble talk in the wake of the LinkedIn IPO Thursday morning (high-five to Reid Hoffman) I’ll offer up this downer of an article: the LinkedIn IPO is bad for cleantech.

Solar Developers Marrying Solar PV and Thermal

Solar project developers typically distinguish themselves, among other things, by technology choices. Those who develop photovoltaic power plants tend to stick with PV. That trend is changing. Solar Trust of America is teaming up with a German company to develop PV power plants.

Cleantech: No Longer for Generalist VCs

Cleantech investing: it’s no longer for the everyday general venture capital firm. Mass High Tech digs into data about 10 venture firms that made five or more new cleantech deals between 2003 and 2008, and then completely pulled back from new cleantech investments after 2008.

BrightSource Energy Files for $250M IPO

The rumor has become reality: BrightSource Energy, which is heavily backed by private and public money for its concentrating solar thermal technology, on Friday filed for an initial public offering to raise $250 million.

Google Invests Massive $168M in BrightSource Solar Project

The solar investments from Google just keep on comin’, and this, time it’s a biggie. On Monday afternoon, the search engine giant announced its largest investment in renewable energy to date: $168 million into BrightSource Energy’s solar project in the Mojave Desert in California.

BrightSource Raising $125M for Solar Projects

BrightSource Energy has upped its latest fundraising goal from $100 million last December to $125 million and plans to use the money for both the U.S. projects and international expansion, the company’s spokesman, Keely Wachs, told us Tuesday.

Solar Firm BrightSource Raising $100M

Turns out building massive solar farms in the desert takes a massive amount of funding. BrightSource, which builds solar projects that use the sun’s heat to produce electricity for utilities, is in the process of raising a $100 million round, according to a filing.

Solar Tech: Still A Magnet for VCs

Venture capital investors continue their big love for solar, and despite a collective vow to be less irrationally exuberant about the sector, investors still are willing to hand out hefty amounts for buzzy startups.

Top 10 Solar Trends for 2011

This year has turned out to be a boom year for the solar industry. What will 2011 bring? Here are key trends that can emerge next year, in terms of policies, financing, project development, new markets and technology.

Battle Over Desert Wildlife Not Over for Cali Solar Project

Did California regulators move too hastily to approve a series of solar power projects to put massive glass, steel and concrete on thousands of acres of desert land? That question hangs over one such project now that the California Energy Commission has withdrawn its approval.

Ken Salazar’s Quick Pen Signs Off Sixth Solar Farm in 25 Days

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar has become a favorite in the solar business lately, approving six solar farms in this month alone, including a 1,000MW project (the world’s largest) in California. If it seems like he’s racing against the clock to OK these projects, well, he is.

Cleantech Strategy: How to Deal With China

American solar companies say China doesn’t play fair, and that makes it difficult to compete at home and abroad. Here is our 4-step attack plan for what companies can do to get ready for their own fight.

The Key to Greentech IPOs: Government Backing

Electric car maker Tesla officially delivered the biggest venture backed IPO of the quarter. What made the public debut different from some of the other venture-backed IPOs that happened this quarter? Well, among a variety of things, Tesla scored a $465 million loan from the government.

U.S. Geothermal Nabs $102M DOE Loan Guarantee

The Department of Energy this morning announced the tenth award for a clean energy project under the long delayed loan guaranteed program. Oregon-based U.S. Geothermal has won the latest award, on a conditional basis, for $102.2 million.

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