Google News faces mass newspaper boycott in Brazil

A skirmish between Google and newspapers over crawling of news headlines suggests Latin America’s digital publishing sector is maturing. But can Google keep publishers sweet enough to exploit opportunities in the fast-growing Brazilian market?

China leads the second coming of the smartphone

After leading the world in smartphone sales, the U.S. reign is over. China will take over the top spot this year and has no plans of looking back. India and Brazil are also moving up, bringing a “second coming of the smartphone” to the world.

Nokia Series 40 phones: 1.5B sold and counting

One day before Nokia announces results for the most recent quarter, the company is touting a sales milestone: 1.5 billion Series 40 phones sold. That’s a huge accomplishment, but Series 40 now faces challenges from low-priced Android phones, so the momentum may not continue.

Netflix is heading south, but what about Roku & Apple TV?

A big part of Netflix’s growth has been its embrace of connected and mobile devices, which now contribute 80 percent of all Netflix traffic. With the company expanding to Latin America, one has to wonder: How many of these devices are available in countries like Brazil?

For Foursquare, Brazil is the next big check-in

Foursquare is no longer a US phenomenon – the company is beginning to see some rapid growth in highly mobile societies and the newest one to join the party is Brazil which like Indonesia represents future growth for services like Foursquare. Brazil is already hot for Foursquare.

Why Latin America is Netflix’s next big market

Rapidly expanding economies, the growth of broadband connectivity and a wide-open market for low-priced entertainment could be a winning combination as Netflix looks to expand its offering outside the U.S. All of which is why Latin America represents huge potential growth for the company.

Cloud computing is Latin America’s great equalizer

Here in the United States,cloud computing has allowed emerging companies to build much faster and much cheaper.But in Latin America, the development of the cloud has been nothing short of transformative. And developments are moving rapidly.

Amyris Goes Industrial Scale with Bio-Chemical

Amyris has opened its first industrial scale facility to turn sugarcane syrup into Biofene, a form of the industrial chemical farnesene, which is a fragrant hydrocarbon that’s used to make cosmetics and lubricants. It’s a big step, though not quite yet to commercial-scale biofuel production.

Brazil’s MusiGames Raises $1.5 Million

MusiGames, a Brazilian-based mobile games company, said it has raised $1.5 million in capital and grants to develop more music titles for Ap…

This Mobile Life: Roeding

Our dear friend Cyriac Roeding, the former EVP of mobile at *CBS*, just finished his world tour of about 10 countries in seven weeks. After…