Branded content

Branded Content

Much web content has become reliant on brand partnerships and sponsorship deals — making it one of the easiest ways to survive…

ShayCarl, Howcast and GE want you to ‘Tag Your Green’

GE has YouTube star ShayCarl doing a road trip all around the country to highlight green technology as part of its Ecomagination campaign. The campaign was produced by Howcast, which last year was able to drive 15 million YouTube video views to GE-sponsored videos.

Watch Your Mouths, Brits: Media Monitoring Service Adds BBC

Companies can now monitor in real time what people are saying about them on various BBC programs, thanks to a new cooperation between the broadcaster and media monitoring service Critical Mention. The service already indexes more than 30 hours of audio and video content per minute.

Will Girl Walks Into a Bar Lead Indie Films to the Web?

Writer/director Sebastian Gutierrez’s newest film has a very clear distribution strategy: Available for free on YouTube, with commercial interruptions by sponsor Lexus. Is the Carla Gugino-starring Girl Walks Into a Bar just an experiment in web distribution — or the potential future of independent film?

Know This Show: Matt Koval’s 8 Dates

8 Dates, directed by Matt Koval, is a sweet-natured, amusing series about a young woman attempting to conquer the dating world. It’s also a great example of YouTube interactivity, the value of soliciting guest stars and working to minimize the brand’s involvement in branded content.

WTF and the Joy of DIY Ad Sales

Thinking small might not be the best way to build a business — unless you’re Daniel Delaney, who’s come up with an innovative way to work directly with small brands for sponsorship opportunities on his new daily web series, and just maybe make a living at it.

Advertisers Explode the 30-Second Spot on YouTube

YouTube has released their list of the 10 most watched commercials of 2010, and looking at it proves how when it comes to creating online advertising experiences, today’s Mad Men are finding real success by looking beyond the 30 second broadcast spot.

Branded Tipp-Experience Pushes YouTube’s Interactivity

The bar for interactive YouTube advertisements keeps getting higher and higher; today, we have a full-on choose your own “bear-venture.” Tipp-Ex, the European equivalent to White-Out, has launched the Tipp Experience, an innovative campaign that incorporates the corrective tape into the YouTube page.

YouTube Launches Branded Travel Channel

YouTube has launched a new travel channel, called Vacationer, in conjunction with Norwegian Cruise Line for videos highlighting travel ideas and advice from multiple sources. The new travel channel includes videos from experts at Lonely Planet, National Geographic, Travel Channel and Howcast, among others.