Hillcrest Labs open sources Kylo TV browser

Hillcrest Labs’ Kylo browser for TV viewing on home theater PCs is going open source: The company released the source code for the browser under the Mozilla Public License, hoping that others will pick up some of the development of the TV-optimized browser platform.

Getting the most out of your gift: Boxee Box edition

Got a Boxee Box as a gift this holiday season? Congratulations! The box is one of the most versatile Internet video devices out there, and our post-holiday tips and tricks take the pain out of setting it up, watching great content and finding additional accessories. opens to the public with an iPad app is now open to the public, making its social video recommendations service available to all. And it’s doing so with the introduction of an iOS app that will bring the same type of video viewing experience available on its website to the iPad and iPhone. adds Hulu to its social video recommendations

Things are heating up in the social video recommendations space, as startups seek to become the Pandora of online video. One of them — — just got some huge validation from Hulu, which is now allowing its videos to be viewed in the startup’s recommendation system.

Hillcrest Labs Raises $5.5M to Remake Your TV Remote

Navigating a browser with a plain old TV remote is no fun. Hillcrest Labs wants to improve that experience with point-and-click input devices, and the company just secured an additional round of funding to deal with the increased demand for a different kind of remote control.

Boxee Adds Indie-Film Hub Fandor

Indie-film subscription streaming service Fandor is coming out of beta Wednesday and coming onto Boxee, for what may be the first of many de…

CBS Sidesteps Apple TV, Will Sell Shows on Boxee

Boxee announced that CBS will soon sell episodes of its broadcast TV programming on the startup’s software and connected devices that run it. The deal will soon give Boxee users access to shows from all the major broadcasters, through a mix of subscription and on-demand sales.

Boxee Gets Embedded On Viewsonic TVs

How about this for some out of the box thinking: Boxee has teamed up with Viewsonic to make the first TV set with integrated Boxee software. The 46″ device will launch in Q2 and marks the third device to incorporate Boxee’s media center software

5 Questions With…Boxee CEO Avner Ronen

As the CEO of Boxee, Avner Ronen has become a fierce advocate for the viability of streaming content. For today’s Five Questions With…, he addresses the potential alienation of early Boxee adaptors and proposes a radical new distribution plan for Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

Boxee Remote Control Pricing Leak: $39.99, Coming Soon

Want that cool two-sided Boxee remote control, but don’t care about the Boxee Box? Well, you’re in luck: It looks like the remote will be sold separately for a street price of $39.99. Boxee didn’t comment on the price, but said it would ship “very soon.”

Hulu Plus: More Devices, More of a Threat to Netflix?

The Hulu Plus tornado is truly starting to descend upon the connected TV market, inhaling more and more devices — including now the Sony Dash. But does increasing the number of devices it’s available on make the subscription service a threat to the Netflix behemoth?

Boxee Adds Indie Film Fare, Movie Library

Boxee users can now find new movies for streaming just as easily as they’ve been able to explore TV content, thanks to a new movie library that’s part of the latest software update. The movie library offers access to content from Hulu, YouTube and indie partners.

Boxee Looking to Get Hollywood Content With RoxioNow Deal

Boxee is expanding the premium content it has available with a deal that will enable users to purchase feature films. By teaming up with Sonic Solutions, Boxee users could soon have access to a wide range of film titles, including new releases and Hollywood hits.

Boxee Picks a Payment Platform

It used to let consumers get their online video for free, but now Boxee is one step closer to collecting revenue, as it will enable content partners a range of payment options that they can charge use to charge end users, including pay-per-view or subscription options.

7 Fun App Ideas for the Weekend Tinkerer

Here in the U.S., we’re getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving, which for many folks means a long weekend — my favorite time to tinker, especially with software. So I’ve gathered together seven free app tinkering ideas that you may get a kick out of.

The Problem With the Boxee Box

Boxee will release a dedicated hardware device that will enable users to connect its open-source media center software directly to their TVs. And in doing so, Boxee may either alienate its biggest fans or potential content partners. That’s a tough choice to make.