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Iomega TV with Boxee won’t be sold in the U.S.

Are you still waiting to buy Iomega’s Boxee set-top box? Then maybe it’s time to look for alternatives or call your relatives in the UK: Iomega just told us that it won’t be selling the device in the U.S. but will concentrate on Europe instead.

Scoop: The Boxee Box is getting a live TV tuner

Huge news for Boxee Box owners: Boxee will soon release a major update that will include the capability to watch live, free over-the-air HD TV on the device though a USB dongle. We were able to take a first peek at the unreleased feature.

How green are the devices that stream Netflix & Hulu?

Canceling cable won’t just save you money, it could also help to save the planet: Apple TV, Roku & Co. use significantly less electricity than your cable box. However, not all Netflix boxes are created equal. We tested five popular brands to find the greenest device.

Boxee Box Adds Movie Trailers, Documentaries and HBO Go

A new firmware update for the Boxee Box adds new features to its user interface and video playback, as well as support for more languages. The update also adds new content, including movie trailers, new apps from Wealth TV and SnagFilms and access to HBO Go.

Did Boxee Violate the GPL?

Boxee violated the GPL v3 by closing down its Boxee Box platform and making it impossible to install user-submitted software, alleges an open source developer. Boxee says that it isn’t shipping any GPL v3-licensed software anymore and promises a complete audit of its open source code.

Boxee Gets $16.5M in Funding, Reveals Box 2.0 Plans

Boxee is announcing $16.5 million in new funding Tuesday, and the company told us a little bit about how it intends to spend all that money: Those plans include improvements to its current product and new content deals, but also a very different Boxee Box 2.0.

Netflix Finally Arrives on the Boxee Box

The wait is over for Boxee Box owners, as the startup is finally making its Netflix app available today. The app comes as part of a new firmware update, which also features some added security measures. Boxee previously had to delay its Netflix rollout twice.

Cord Cutters: 3 Boxee Box Tips and Tricks

How can bookmarklets and Delicious upgrade the way you use your Boxee Box? And what’s the word on the first-ever meet-up for those enjoying the cable-free life in San Francisco? We’ve got all the details in this week’s Cord Cutters update!

Newest Boxee Box Adds a Hard Drive

Want to buy a Boxee Box but also have a need for some network-attached storage? Boxee and Iomega have you covered, with new NAS products that come with Boxee software pre-installed, so you can watch all your downloaded videos in the comfort of your living room.

10 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Boxee Box

Boxee Box users, here are s few tips you shouldn’t miss: Learn how to use the Boxee Box as a file server, watch the BBC iPlayer, generate your very own Boxee web widget, import web bookmarks onto the Box, utilize Google TV’s web apps, and more.

Cord Cutters: Is The Boxee Box the Solution for You?

In episode 6 of our weekly series on dropping your cable subscription, Janko finally gets his hands on the Boxee Box, a reader gives Ryan the low-down on his cord-cutting solutions, and Liz plugs a web series introducing the internet to Ben Stiller’s parents.

The Boxee Rebellion

Boxee made a name for itself with a cool media center application and a take-no-prisoners attitude. With its first device shipping this holiday season, the New York-based startup is streamlining its software and warming up to content owners. Question is, will its early adopters follow?

Surprise! Broadcasters Don’t Block Boxee Box — Yet

Wanna watch Glee on your Boxee Box? Then better hurry up: currently doesn’t block the device from accessing its online videos, and neither do the other three big broadcasters. However, this could change soon. In fact, Boxee Box access to is alreay blocked.

Boxee Box Unboxing

The first Boxee Boxes are shipping, and we got our hands on one of them, despite the fact that review units are apparently still in transit. How does the packaging look like, and what’s in the box? Check out our unboxing video to find out.

Vid-Biz: Comcast-NBCU, Boxee Box, Adobe Flash

Today on the Net: Comcast COO Steve Burke could announce NBC Universal’s new corporate structure as soon as next week, Boxee doesn’t make any money off the software that is used to run the Boxee Box and Adobe Flash on the Samsung Tab kind of sucks.

Boxee Seeks Extra Cash, But Is It A Good Deal?

Boxee’s big foray into the world of hardware is set to start shipping November 10, but it sounds like they need a little cash up front. According to AllThingsD, Boxee is currently seeking out another $10-15 million of funding from new and previous investors.

Boxee CEO: Blocking Google TV Makes No Sense

Boxee CEO Avner Ronen thinks broadcasters like ABC and CBS shouldn’t base their business model on the size of a TV’s screen or on the device that a browser runs on, but on the ad spots displayed and subscription fees paid by Google TV users.

Boxee Box Starts Shipping November 10

Boxee is announcing the shipping date for its Boxee Box today: Amazon will start to ship the set-top box on November 10, and other stores will start selling it on November 17. Boxee’s new software version 1.0 will be previewed on the 10th as well.

Why I’m Not Buying A Boxee Box

Yesterday Janko made the case for why a family man without cable access might buy a Boxee Box. There are many reasons why I won’t be buying one, but it mainly comes down to price, competition and content availability.

Why I’m Ordering the Boxee Box

I just put in my order for the Boxee Box. With the recently unveiled Apple TV offering little more than Netflix streaming and Google TV trying to play nice with cable subscriptions and DVRs, this one looks like the right choice for my living room.

The Boxee Box: Intel Inside, Available for Preorder

Get ready to order your Boxee Box: is accepting pre-orders for the online video set-top-box made by D-Link and Boxee starting today. The devices will ship in November and feature an Intel Atom processor as well as a brand-new version of Boxee’s media center software.

Boxee Embraces HTML5, Switches to Webkit

Boxee is getting ready for HTML5 by swapping out its browser. The next version of Boxee will offer web access via a Webkit, as opposed to the current Gecko browser. This should make it easier to access web apps as well as additional video content.

UPDATED: Boxee Box in Stores This November

The Boxee Box is in production, and will reach stores as early as late October, according to new information from Boxee (see update after the jump). The company’s Chief Product Officer Zach Klein showed off the very first mass-produced unit in a video today.

Boxee Box Delayed Until November

Boxee’s set-top box was scheduled to go on sale this month, but the device won’t actually hit stores until November, the company has announced. Boxee CEO Avner Ronen told us that there were delays in the software production schedule, but he didn’t want to point fingers.