Crush or Get Crushed: Why B&N Needs to Be a Publisher

B&N’s strategic decision to build its own online business was critical, and the same can be said for its decision to create its own e-reader, the Nook. But the retail giant must do more in the e-book world by becoming, essentially, the entire value chain itself.

The Evolution of the E-book: When is a Book Not a Book?

The definition of a “book” is becoming more fluid, thanks to efforts like Borders’ new self-publishing service powered by Bookbrewer, and the recently launched Amazon Kindle Singles program, both of which are designed to bring shorter pieces of writing to e-readers like the iPad and Kindle.

E-reader War: Staples Getting Kindles

Retail giant Staples will play a role in heating up the e-reader war as it will start selling Amazon’s Kindles in its retail stores. This move, coupled with price drops, shows how competitive the e-book business has become. Borders dropped prices on two of its e-readers.

B&N Pushes Nook Brand With New Android App

Barnes & Noble is pushing the Nook brand with the release of a new reader app for the Android platform. There are already versions of its reader app for other platforms, and those will be rebranded to reflect the Nook brand.

Shopping for NYT Bestsellers in e-Book Form

The opening of the Borders e-book store completes the collection of big booksellers now selling e-books. Consumers have a choice for purchasing e-books, so it makes sense to do a little comparison shopping to see which stores have the most bestsellers in stock.

New Borders Stores Go Digital

As Borders’ readies its revamped online store, this week the bookseller unveiled the first of 14 new brick and mortar locations with additio…